View Full Version : If you want to improve as an artist, jump right in here!

01 January 2010, 08:02 AM
This sticky thread collects the best threads that will really help you improve as an artist. A must read if you are serious about wanting to improve as an artist.

10 Top Tips to Become A Better Artist - Extremely helpful and eye-opening tips on what it takes to become a better artist.

Practice Practice Practice makes perfect - Learn how to practice smart instead of wasting your time

Becoming A Better Artist – Critical knowledge and techniques for today’s artists - Details about the workshop taught by Robert "Lunatique" Chang, the guy that leads this forum.

Life drawing advice for beginner/intermediate artists - Dispelling some common misguided mentality and misinformation regarding the when/how/why of life drawing as a form of artistic training.

The dangers of "cherry-picking" from photo references - Explaining why it's a bad idea to cherry-pick from photo references, and how to properly create your own references.

The misconceptions of "speedpainting" vs. expressive brushwork - Explaining why most people have completely wrong idea of what "speedpainting" actually means, and how it differs from expressive brushwork