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01 January 2010, 12:55 PM
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01 January 2010, 12:58 PM
Now I've got to figure out what to do...

first thought was a tribute to "Earth Girls are Easy", but I'll brainstorm over the next week and see what kinds of ideas my frayed neurons can conjure up in my mind's eye.

Good luck everyone. I'm really anxious to see what you guys come up with.


01 January 2010, 01:24 PM
Some memory somewhere buried deep down is tugging at me, begging for exposure. I can hear its distant moan.

I've no idea where it's from, so excuse the pilfering if you know.

2 robots looking at a poster for the latest B movie titled "Squishy humans from the blue planet" (enter spooky noise).

I'll work this one a little more.


01 January 2010, 10:49 AM (

You won't believe your sensory optics!

Your antennae will quiver in their ball sockets!

Your stereophonic output devices will emit high frequency static charges for days after!

Amazing Special effects show blood and gore for the first time on film. What is blood, you ask? Watch and find out!

Fleshy Monsters from the Blue Planet will follow you in your nightmares!

Behold! Director and film writer Circuit Capacitor brings you "Humans", a race of Organic Barbarians from a far off world who drink poisonous, rust making water and whose insides can corrode metal!


01 January 2010, 12:19 PM
2D and 3D sketches coming shortly.

For now I will describe the scene in my head.

Foreground: View from the rear of a 50's style automobile, such as a meteor or some such.
A "male" robot in the driver's seat, and a "female" robot in the passenger seat..
2 "child" robots (a boy and a girl) in the rear seat, clinging to eachother, and
framed by the form of the front seats and adults.

Midground: A whole bunch of cars

Background: Cinema showing "Fleshy Monsters from the Blue Planet"

I have some other concepts brewing around, but I'll most likely stick with this one.
This challenge will be interesting, to say the least, because I have 2 scenes to create. One for the drive in, and one scene depicted on screen. For that, I'm not sure what I'll portray, but my brain is fleshing out one character as I type this:

He will be a cheesy looking robot, dressed in cheesy looking "human" guise. He'll be laying down, having been slain, and his "insides" will be hanging out. The insides I intend to give him are ribbed tubes (such as the ones that bridge your dryer and it's vent), some surgical tubing, and some spare parts (nuts and bolts, wrenches, hammers, etc) all cunningly (not really) painted to look like human guts. A fountain of oil will be spewing out of him, most likely eating it's way through nearby robots who got too close.

Cheers and more to come soon.


01 January 2010, 12:36 PM
Cool! Reminds me of that Futurama episode on the Robot planet.

01 January 2010, 01:24 PM
Ahhh, that's what it is. It was tickling the back of my brain and I knew it came from somewhere, but I couldn't remember where. It's all clear now, though. I'll have to dust off my DVD's for reference.

Cheers and thanks csmallfield.


01 January 2010, 01:53 PM
Oh...looks like we have some kind of similar ideas. Hmm...hope your fine with that? Did not see your post!

01 January 2010, 02:05 PM
It doesn't matter to me. Most of us are playing on stereotypes and cliches, so similar ideas are likely to come up. Good luck with your entry duke.


01 January 2010, 02:06 PM
Cheers m8, good luck as well ! :beer:

01 January 2010, 09:44 PM
Good luck Rage, yep the gangs all here.

01 January 2010, 09:50 PM (

I mocked up a scene and am unhappy with the results. It looked a lot better in my head, but right now I don't like how the camera frames the scene. I am happy with the concept, however, so I will play with different scenarios this evening.


01 January 2010, 09:57 PM
Good luck man!!!

01 January 2010, 12:02 AM
you could move the camera inside the car and have it aimed at the screen looking through the windshield. it would use the windshield as a natural frame. I would also angle it a bit to break up the repetition of a square with in a square

01 January 2010, 03:23 AM
@Peleng. Thank you very much. good luck to you as well. I love your concept and your style has always fascinated me. I'm anxious to see your results.

@Rols. Funny I was just thinking the exact same thing. Winshield for frame and slightly angled to break it up.


01 January 2010, 08:41 AM
Nice concept, good luck !

01 January 2010, 09:56 AM
maybe a wider angle lens as well as moving it into the car, the roof of the car is not so interesting and takes up 20% of the image.

looking cool!

01 January 2010, 10:05 AM
You could use a car with no top. (i think you call that a convertible, not sure) This would give you some more interesting shape maybe and more integration. At the moment the picture is kinda cut in 2 similar halfs. The outside of the car with the screen and the car with the interior.

Another thought is to move the camera to the left of the car and position it near the windows and shift it slightly upwards to the screen.

just some thoughts


01 January 2010, 10:59 AM
I was about to write the same. Thats why im using a convertible aswell. You seen Planet51? You remember the intro? Maybe thats something you want?

01 January 2010, 09:58 AM
Thanks a pile for the suggestions, guys. I've tried all of these ideas and it just isn't working for me. No biggie, this week is concept week. I figure there's no point in fighting it out of principal if it simply isn't speaking to me, so on to other concepts.

I'm toying with the cliché of creatures attacking the population of earth and I've loosely zketched out some potential terrorizing monsters. I'll continue to make these guys until Sunday, at least 3 per day, until I find all the elements I want, or until another concept strikes me altogether.


01 January 2010, 10:02 AM (


01 January 2010, 11:51 AM
interesting models, i can imagine masses of humans fleeing before them. but i miss tons of claws, long teeth and all things that bring pains :D

especially like the guy with the single eye, could be a smasher :wip:

01 January 2010, 06:18 PM
I like the designs you are going after. will be a fun watch over this thread!

01 January 2010, 07:31 PM
Hey Joel, haven't seen you on for awhile, then again, I've been less than consistent lately with my posting. Anyway, cool start. Best of luck!

01 January 2010, 02:35 PM (

Design Process for Fishman

01 January 2010, 02:44 PM
Hey Tim thanks for stopping by. Yeah I've been prety busy at work, and the Ansel Adams Challenge couldn't hold my interest. I was actually going to start something for it last minute because I was itching, but then I saw this new CGChallenge up so I threw my lot in here instead.

@Yongkiat: Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comment.

Ok so it's been a few days since I posted. I've been mass producing little monsters and fell onto a concept I enjoyed, and the story developed from there.

It has been generations since sailors all across the world have been capturing Mermaids and having their visceral ways with them. There has been an uneasy truce between man and beast while man has been kidnapping only the most homely of Mermaids, who are still stunningly beautiful by human standards, and the fishmen have been feasting on the unlucky sailors to have fallen overboard, dead to the world anyway.

One sailor saw a beautiful woman frolicking in the ocean and cast his net in the hopes of spending a warm night. Little did he know that this was the Princess of the local school. The fishmen were in an uproar and immediately launched an attack on the lonely sailors ship for a daring rescue!

Cheers everyone!


01 January 2010, 02:51 PM
Very nice new ZSphere creature mate... I see you are one zbrusher as well. The creature's looking very promising!

01 January 2010, 02:56 PM
Thanks Yongkiat. The issue now is to figure out how to make him stand on the ship. Ahh...choices. I could make the tail fins horizontal rather than vertical, but I much prefer the shark tail over the whale tail. I was also thinking of making them fly. How, you may ask? It's a B movie, so it doesn't matter. That's my justification anyway. Oh well, I'll figure it out as the concept fleshes itself out.


01 January 2010, 03:09 PM
that's a pretty cool creature so far - looking forward to how it develops!

01 January 2010, 03:18 PM
nice concept man, i like it a lot!

reminds me a bit of Slardar from DOTA :P

01 January 2010, 08:58 PM
Cool start. :cool:

Looking forward for more. Good luck with the challenge. :wip:

01 January 2010, 11:31 PM
I really like the Fishman! This is true B-movie stuff, like "Creature from the Black Lagoon", one of the coolest movies... haha. Keep it up :thumbsup:

01 January 2010, 10:00 AM
looking sweet so far :)
will be keeping watch :)

01 January 2010, 11:31 AM (

Some work on the creature

01 January 2010, 11:39 AM
Magda, nja3d, Russel, Xion, Cyberone: Thanks guys (and girls). Your encouragement is appreciated.

Well I didn't get as much work done over the weekend as I was hoping to, but I've toyed around with the antagonist some more. The story behind the image has evolved into one including a mad scientist fish creature (current character work) who goes Doctor Moreau and starts chopping up fish and women then sewing them back together to create his bride, a mermaid.

I've got a busy week coming up, but I'll try and post a little every night.



01 January 2010, 01:09 PM
Here's a small list of assets I will be creating. I'll return to this post to add and remove to/from the list as my mind conjures 'em up or takes 'em away.

-Jars of various shapes and sizes
-organs and body barts
-Vats with half people in them (either bottom or top)
-Vats with half fish in them (either bottom or top)
-Alchemy equipment-alembic, lots of glass tubes
-hanging sharks
-ridiculous goggles
-shelves for the jars
-Surgery equipment - Scalpel, scissors, and other nasty things.
-critters (starfish, lobster/crab, fishbowl with weird looking fish)
-Work station (Large table?)
-dead chick.

-Now this should keep you guessing.


01 January 2010, 01:44 PM
Haha, sounds like ingredients for a pretty good B-movie mad scientist's lab.

01 January 2010, 03:03 PM
Wow...load of elements you are planning for your scene!

01 January 2010, 05:17 AM
I was researching evil and mad scientists and came across this factoid. Thought I would share.

Excerpt from article:

In 1932 Ishii is promoted to lieutenant-colonel and placed in charge of the Epidemic Prevention Research Laboratory. He sets up an outpost of the laboratory at Harbin in northern Manchukuo. A second centre is then established at Beiyinhe, an isolated location 100 km south of Harbin. In addition of bacteriological warfare, studies were also conducted on human damage done by burns, freezing, high pressure, and bullets. At least 3,000 killed in experiments at the Unit 731 biological weapons facility. Approximately 200,000 killed in field tests of biological weapons. Between 20,000 to 30,000 Chinese killed when plague-infected rats are released from Unit 731 at the end of the Second World War.

Evil scientists in B movies = cool
Evil scientists in real life = lame


01 January 2010, 09:00 AM (

Laying out the scene here and doing some preliminary light testing. I'm looking for a lighting scene where there is a heavy spot light on the operating table, but with enough filler to show the vats in the back and clutter on each side. The clutter is less important, as long as I can get some variations within the shadows to hint at various instruments, containers, etc.
The vats will most likely be lit from the inside.

Here is the legend.

1 - Vats with mermaids in them
2 - Small table with sharp operating objects
3 - fish tail
4 - Evil monster scientist with...
5 - robot legs
6 - Dead chick cut in half
7 - Shelves with stuff on them (clutter)
8 - Cheesy computers with big buttons
9 - grubby tile floor with blood all over it.


01 January 2010, 11:34 AM
...and starts chopping up fish and women then sewing them back togetherDIY Mermaids...haha, that's brilliantly dark :o)

01 January 2010, 12:28 PM
Hey rage. Looking forward to see how this progresses. IMO the scientist isn't evil. Why don't we have mermaids. Its not fair. haha.

01 January 2010, 03:39 PM
Hey rage. Looking forward to see how this progresses. IMO the scientist isn't evil. Why don't we have mermaids. Its not fair. haha.

Lol Brett. When the challenge is over I'll ship you his lab for prototyping. You can get to work right away :twisted:

@Piek: haha thank you. Your comment was witty as hell :D


01 January 2010, 09:29 PM
I love the evil fish monster scientist with robot legs character! :buttrock: Perhaps he could have crab claws for hands, to chop his patients up... just an idea. :twisted:

01 January 2010, 11:29 PM
I love the evil fish monster scientist with robot legs character! :buttrock: Perhaps he could have crab claws for hands, to chop his patients up... just an idea. :twisted:

If you peek under the table you can see them :beer:

01 January 2010, 11:37 PM
They looked like fins to me... now that you say it, i can perfectly see that they´re claws. That really makes him complete, keep it up! :thumbsup:

01 January 2010, 01:05 AM (

Evil robot lobster to help in evil experiments

01 January 2010, 08:02 AM
Far out, impressive everything. great concept, characters, modelling and progress. i think the idea of an evil alien scientist is very cool and his lab is a great location to fill with details and storytelling elements. brilliant work :drool::applause::bowdown::thumbsup:

01 January 2010, 09:04 AM (

@ Emptyshell: Wow thank you for the encouragement. Very much appreciated.

Here we have some progress on The Assistant. He is not evil, but doesn't have much choice with his lot in A.L.

I spent more time here than I intended. I brought my tablet to work tonight to get some sculpting done on The Doctor, but I got caught up in this. Now I only have 2 hours until the boss gets here and I gotta put it away :(

Hopefully my next WIP will be on the Monster.



01 January 2010, 09:36 AM


01 January 2010, 12:41 PM (

Woot managed to get some sculpting done throughout the night.

Here are the early stages of The Doctor.


01 January 2010, 02:13 PM
HA HAAA! cool stuff! the scene is very B-movie like! a very good work.

01 January 2010, 03:06 PM
Hmmm. I don't know rage. Looks nothing like the ref ;).

01 January 2010, 03:38 PM
Though the facial expressions are similar, i also have to say it doesn´t quite look like the reference :D
Honestly, some very nice sculpting, the proportions seem very balanced... perhaps the claws still could look a little more dangerous and sharp.

01 January 2010, 04:42 PM (

@ Oz: Lol thanks man

@ Brett: hehe that picture made me smile and I wanted to share.

@ Xion: Thank you for the compliments. Its very encouraging. I'm using THIS ( ref a lot that I found on google images. I am trying to mimic the blunted "teeth". More work is definitely needed in that area, though, and it is in my agenda.

An update on The Doctor. Crits and comments welcome, of course.


01 January 2010, 06:16 PM
Looks like your sculpt is coming along nicely. I think at this point you can start to add some asymmetry to the model. Looking forward to your next update.

01 January 2010, 04:11 AM
the shape of the alien is interesting, and the copper skin make it seems very antique!

01 January 2010, 05:09 AM
I'm quite liking this so far, especially the head/face on The Doctor. I'm curious to see the teeth once you've reworked them. The only critique I can think of is to note that you've got a bit of pinching on the chest looks like at best it'd make him pretty uncomfortable. =)

I can't wait to see what you've got next. Great concept, beautiful work so far... so keep it up!

01 January 2010, 08:13 AM (

There's no way she could still be alive, if the pools of blood on the floor were any indication. At least if she was, she was unaware of the horror being performed on her. Her entire bottom half was missing. Instead there was what appeared to be a fish tail crudely sewn on. Hulking over the abomination was a walking nightmare with huge pincers and eyes made of midnight.

"Welcome to my laboratory", said the Doctor. At my feet scuttled a little mechanical lobster that looked at me and grinned.


Looks like your sculpt is coming along nicely. I think at this point you can start to add some asymmetry to the model. Looking forward to your next update.

Thanks man. I plan on quite a bit more detail before I get to asymetry, though. So much work. :surprised

the shape of the alien is interesting, and the copper skin make it seems very antique!

Thank you. The shader is "Antique Bronze 2" by Magdalena Dadela. You can find it in the Matcap Library on the pixologic website. Magdalena's B movie thread is located here ( . You should check it out.

I'm quite liking this so far, especially the head/face on The Doctor. I'm curious to see the teeth once you've reworked them. The only critique I can think of is to note that you've got a bit of pinching on the chest looks like at best it'd make him pretty uncomfortable. =)

I can't wait to see what you've got next. Great concept, beautiful work so far... so keep it up!

Thank you. Your compliments are encouraging and thank you for the critique. The pinching should be resolved for the next update on this character, but if not I'll definitely get to it eventually.


I did some more work on The Assistant. Threw on a few basic shaders to get a feel for the direction I wanted to take him. Not sure about the Radar. Right now it's just blocked in, so I'll detail it later a little and see how it can tie in to the whole shape.


01 January 2010, 08:19 AM
This looks great. I love the render.

01 January 2010, 08:30 AM
Very nice idea and characters! :buttrock: Keep it up, mate!

01 January 2010, 09:48 AM
your monster is great and render is super.

This is a B-movie (Badass-movie)

01 January 2010, 11:01 AM
i like where it's going rage, good work so far. for some reason i feel your little mechanical lobster should have an articulated tail ... just something about the idea of the tail moving that makes it just a little more creepy :)

keep up the good work!

01 January 2010, 11:32 AM (

This looks great. I love the render.

Thanks man. I dig your avatar.

Very nice idea and characters! Keep it up, mate!

Thank you Sergey.

your monster is great and render is super.

This is a B-movie (Badass-movie)

Haha thanks Aven. I actually rendered on really low settings. There's a bunch of artifacting but it a got hidden in the details somehow. And in the case of the Beaker...Well...It looks nothing like that. That's all wonky reflections from poor sampling.

i like where it's going rage, good work so far. for some reason i feel your little mechanical lobster should have an articulated tail ... just something about the idea of the tail moving that makes it just a little more creepy

keep up the good work!

Hey thanks for stopping by Wil. Good to see you around. Thanks for the suggestion. I originally made the tail stiff to give it a hacked together feel, But I'll play around with pleating the tail and see how it turns out. Excellent idea.


This will be in the background. It will be the unfortunate home of an already processed mermaid.


01 January 2010, 11:35 AM
dude you are moving fast....awesome!
keep it up!

01 January 2010, 01:28 PM
Digging the lobster (his pet name has to be "Igor"). Keep up the pace.... you'll have finished before half of us have even started! :)

01 January 2010, 01:52 PM
Looks promising! Good luck :wavey:

01 January 2010, 08:32 PM
Wow,this is comming along very nicely. :thumbsup:

I really love this little mechanical critter.

Looking forward for more.


01 January 2010, 02:52 AM
Looking great Rage. I really like the look of the assistant.

01 January 2010, 03:55 AM (

@Cyberone and agruberdesign: Thanks guys.

@Andrewpyott, Russel and Wyatt. Thank you. I'm glad you guys like him because I'm quite fond of him as well. I'm putting more detail into him than is really necessary for his roll in the final composition, but I've been meaning to model a robot in order to learn Modo's new rigging tools so this is the perfect excuse to get it done.


Blocking in stages of the Mermaid and Subtools. A little play with lights as well.

The process was prety generic:

1-Base mesh into Modo.
2-chop off the legs
3-into zbrush for basic posing
4-back into modo to create subtools. Hair, tattered shirt, fish tail and manacles. the manacles won't be worked in zbrush, but they are there to provide reference points for the final pose of the hands.

And now it's time to dive into zbrush and have at her :buttrock:


PS. Working Title is "The island of Doctor Moray". What do you guys think. Sound good? Too lame? Any feedback is appreciated.

01 January 2010, 04:33 AM
Hey Joel,

Fantastic work! and very cool concept. I enjoy a lot watching all the models and progress on your idea, awesome models! :D

Good luck and cant wait to see more on your great concept. Cheers!! :beer:

01 January 2010, 07:22 AM

Flippin' fish guts, mad scientists, evil robots. The perfect B-Movie is in full production mode now. :beer: Very cool story.

I'd worry about the title after the final rendering. Maybe by that time, it'll become the Peninsula of Baron Van Der Tunalips. Wasn't that the sequel to Dr. Moreau? Maybe I'm confusing my B-Movie Lierary sources.

Anyway great work, and nice to meet you. :wavey: :beer:

01 January 2010, 06:31 PM (

@Ferx: Thanks for the encouragement :beer:

@Ravioli_Rancher: Lol thank you. Nice to meet you as well


Preliminary sculpting on The Mermaid.

I was mostly concerned with understanding the forms in the arm in this pose, which was difficult at best. I'm no expert in anatomy, though I find it fascinating. "Anatomy for the Artist" has been an invaluable tool. Also the expression I wanted to capture was really hard to find reference for, as it was prety vague what I had in mind.

I also wanted to figure out how the different subtools would blend together, and the shape I wanted for the tail. More in that department is needed.

Crits and Comments are more than welcome. Any feedback is appreciated.

All in all I realized my goals, however, and now I think it's time to take a little break...Or perhaps move on to The Doctor's Robot legs.

I also thought I would share my muses for this project up until now.

Preliminary stages/previz/conceptualization: Massive Attack/Portishead

The Professor: Tool
The Assistant: Gogol Bordello
The Mermaid: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs


01 January 2010, 09:02 PM
Great sculpt, I really like that facial expression of her.
I think her fingers are very symmetrical(hands look mirrored), maybe change that a bit?
Can't wait to see this finished! :beer:

01 January 2010, 11:01 PM
Is the mermaid going to be hanging straight like that. If in liquid, maybe you should allow for some buoyancy. Make her have a slight curve from shoulders to hip then tail- s-like. Kinda like some crucifixes. Would create a more flow/organic feel in my opinion. Too rigid makes her seem static or dead- unless that is the intent.

01 January 2010, 11:16 PM
Thank you SaphireS

Grumpsoar This mermaid will be the main one. I opted for her to be hanging from chains instead of on the operating table as I had earlier wanted. There will be a mermaid in the tank as well, however, and I'll do my best to make her look buoyant.

Cheers and thanks for the crit


01 January 2010, 06:36 PM (

Here I started dropping in some elements into the scene to study it from a more practical aspect. Light testing is really basic. Just blocking out some tones.



01 January 2010, 06:44 PM (

And an AO pass on the scene to show what you guys are looking at.


01 January 2010, 10:59 PM (

The Doctor with Robot legs


01 January 2010, 11:08 PM
Wow fast work. Looking great so far. I love laboratory scenes they offer so much possibility for visual richness.

01 January 2010, 01:00 AM
The doctor is looking great. Your combination of organic and mechanic parts works smoothly, i also like that they are connected with cables. :thumbsup:

01 January 2010, 05:00 AM

:eek: Dr. Moray looking awesome. Also, I like the lighting in Row 1 Column 1. Really, the contrast seems the best for all of row 1.

Talking anatomy books, do you have Scott Spencer's new Male Anatomy book for ZBrush. Sounds like a contender for best figurative sculpting book ever printed. But, enough of my inane blabber.

Awesome work. :beer:

01 January 2010, 02:49 PM
Like it..the character now really has character with the lower part of robotic legs. Great progress so far!

01 January 2010, 02:50 PM
thats a nice character. Looks pretty unique. Good job

01 January 2010, 07:12 PM (

The Doctor with Robot legs


Wow, This reminded me of Star Wars with half creature half robot. COOL!

01 January 2010, 08:28 PM
@Peleng. Thank you very much. good luck to you as well. I love your concept and your style has always fascinated me. I'm anxious to see your results.

@Rols. Funny I was just thinking the exact same thing. Winshield for frame and slightly angled to break it up.


I also remind the droideka :cool:

02 February 2010, 08:17 AM
The Doctor character is great, I love the way you mixed the mech elements with the organic!! Really cool, top stuff.

02 February 2010, 06:08 PM
Wow, some really great progress, man. The doctor looks cool. :cool:


02 February 2010, 05:41 AM
Hey thanks for the comments guys!

@Soapy: One of the reasons I was happy about this concepts was that there were many possibilities for atmospheres. Thank you.

@Xion-cajou: Thank you. I realized my entry was slowly dipping into deep horror. The cheesy robot legs with cables was to try and bring it back. Details that are completely pointless except to give visual effect, something that is very common in B movies. Glad you like it.

@ravioli_rancher: Thanks for the input. I actually pasted the wrong render on that particular grid, but ultimately I will be going for a high contrast/shadow scene like the one you mentioned. I want the overhead light to be a keylight for the whole scene, so the rims, kickers and fillers will be really subtle in the end, really only bright enough to show the forms in the background, giving a mysterious ambiance. A LOT of light linking, I think. Thanks for the mention on the book. I'll definitely check it out.

@Yongkiat & FranciscoAlvarezDelgado: Thanks guys. :beer:

@Aven99: Thanks man! glad you like it.

@Andias: I think you quoted the wrong post :argh:

@Paperboy: Thank you. I actually experimented with different curves to find a flow that fit. I'm glad it worked.

@Russel_Nash: Thanks!

Took a few days off, recovering from igloofest. Not as young as I used to be :drool:
And partying in -30C weather is energy draining to say the least.

Anyay with all that said, updates coming in a few hours. Thanks again for all the kind words.


02 February 2010, 06:02 AM
great work, loving it as always :D

Docter is fantastic by the way, great character and the robotic legs are defiantly working well :thumbsup:

02 February 2010, 10:43 AM
Your creature is awesome !

02 February 2010, 02:00 PM
Your doctor is really awesome! :buttrock:
I can't really tell which lighting I like best but I would go for something like tank+light under the operating table in blue and then the doctor in a bright yellow-red color to make him really stand out.
Just my opinion, I'm sure it'll look great whatever colors you decide on!

02 February 2010, 08:56 AM
cool looking creature! I'm wondering how the final scene will look like. Keep going

02 February 2010, 03:05 AM (

After several days of frustration I finally managed to find the right environment setup, camera angle and lighting style.

02 February 2010, 03:12 AM
@emptyshell: Thanks for the positive feedback :beer:

@gpepper: Thank you. Your 50 ft granny is awesome too :buttrock:

@Saphires: Thanks for the input. The environment changed and I used your suggestions as a guideline to produce a result that I liked.

@Serio: Thanks man. Up until a few hours ago I was wondering the same thing :D


Once everyone is posed, The Doctor's right claw will be stroking the mermaid's arm where it flows into her breast, and his right claw will be extended behind and around her. The assistant will be standing on this claw completing the sewing and cauterizing process. This is because the bonesaw he currently has as one of his "claws" is now going to be a ray gun. The reason for a ray gun is because they are wicked cool!!

I opted for this pose for the following reason. I would like the doctor's claws and the assistant to be in the hard spot, while keeping most of the doctor's face and body in shadow for the mysterious aspect. I will rely on small area lights as kickers and rims. The idea is to use specular highlights and reflections to define those forms. Much of that will be accomplished in post.

The scene is missing clutter back in the shadows, but that is yet to come.



02 February 2010, 07:51 AM
From the Renders you been showing us this will be one kickass Contender my friend.

02 February 2010, 09:48 AM
Thank you Aven that is very encouraging.

I forgot to mention on my last post: The resolution on the left is 640x720 and on the right is 520x720. The left allows a little more breathing room and opportunity to fill the scene up a little more, while the resolution on the right narrows it down and is meant to create a sense of anxiety/claustrophobia. I like the idea of having more room to work with (left) But I really like to shy away from wonky aspect ratios as much as possible. Grrr choices.

I wanted to ask some advice. In your previous experiences has there been any drawbacks from deviating too much from traditional aspect ratios? Are these drawbacks relevant to a still image? Is there a psychological reason we tend to work in 10:9 or 10:6 (or 9:10/6:10)?

Any input would be great.

Thank you.


02 February 2010, 02:12 PM
.. looking good you have a lot of details in your image... you are pretty far along as well... great job, I still think the creature looks pretty awesome .

02 February 2010, 03:10 PM
I really like the direction you´re going with the lighting in the upper row renders! :thumbsup:

About the format... using the Golden Ratio ( is always a good thing to plan your composition. It´s a formula used by nature and the built in human understanding of ratio aesthetics. It can be used as a guideline, but in the end of the day, do what you personally like! Don´t get restricted by rules when it´s about creativitiy and your own personal work! So deviate as much as you like from traditional aspect ratio, if to you it feels right. ;)

02 February 2010, 05:33 PM
I love your lighting! That's the sort of mood setter that sucks me right in :)

On composition, I avoid most set rules and just focus on the geometric shapes that really pull the eye around. I've found you can work with just about any ratio if you can nail those shapes down. As Xion-Cajou said - the Golden Ratio is a great starting point for planning it out, and then refine from there. Usually it's pretty safe and effective.

02 February 2010, 12:25 PM
Some interesting characters you have going on here! I think I liked the mermaid lying on the table slightly better though. Looking forward to more :thumbsup:

02 February 2010, 07:09 PM
Joel, It is very impressive how fast and skilled you are. Very tiny and humble suggestion, for more B-movie essence would making it look like the mermaid is wearing a outfit /fins, especially at the bottom were her feet should be, help your vision for this scene?

02 February 2010, 01:54 PM
great lightning, modeling n concept! keep going on good job!

02 February 2010, 04:19 PM
Thanks guys. Been a crazy busy week with all kinds of things coming up. Haven't given up, though. Updates will start coming in this week.

Cheers for all the kind words.

Korendo: Thanks for the suggestion. Much appreciated. While texturing I will go for the rubber suit look and throw a couple fins on.


03 March 2010, 06:35 AM
Hey rage how's it going,

This piece has my vote 10/10

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03 March 2010, 06:35 AM
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