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05 May 2002, 02:58 PM
Im looking for a good JPEG encoder for my photoshop drawings, because i see lots of really big attachment pictures in crisp quality, that i can never reach when i save an image in jpeg with the photoshop built in encoder. I always loose either too much quality or have to keep the image size really me out pls ;-)

thx in advance


05 May 2002, 08:00 PM
The reason you see so many high-quality pics on this forum is not because of the jpeg quallity.

All of the really large/high-quality pics are linked from annother site/server. When you look at the reply page here in the forum, you'll see a series of buttons in the vB Code section. Well if you click the "IMG" one you can then type in the address and path to your file. For example: ""(not a real link). You then close the tag, and what you effectively do is create a hyperlink to the image that you want to display here in the forum.

When you send a picture with the "Attach File" option on the reply page, you are limited to 50,000 bytes (48.8 KB) because you are putting a copy up on the CGtalk servers. So you'll loose a bit. There are ways around this though: I use Maya, so this technique is geared towards that, but it should work in most programs. First you can render your pic at 640x480 (if NTSC, not sure if PAL just make sure the width is <700). And in the Render view you can go to the File>save image menu, and save it as a JPEG (instead of the default IFF). Then if you have photoshop 6 or higher you can open it, then go to File>Save for web... That will open a new window where you can preview your image with various size optimizations. What you do then is click on the menu button for other options (the circular button on the right side with the arrow on it). In there you can optimise to a file size. Just type in "48" (for 48 KB...remember it needs to be 48.8 or less) that will give you a little head room in the file size.

I have posted all of my pics to this forum using the above photoshop technique and there hasn't been any major image quality loss. They're usually good enough to get by...Of course if you want high-quality you need to get your pics up on a different server and make and image hyperlink to them.

Hope that helps.

05 May 2002, 09:25 AM
try Ulead's Smartsaver Pro. Way better and more powerfull than Photoshops jpg-encoder.

Ulead (

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