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01 January 2010, 04:12 PM
Hey fellow Blender-artists!
I wanted to let you know that today the Blender-to-VRay tutorial is released at cmiVFX. In over 2 hours I explain the basics to get you started with Blender and VRay.
The script is really stable and wonderful, and so is VRay. It is really worth to try it!!
As a special bonus I added the blendfile of the title image to the tutorial, so check it out.
Also, have a look at the site of the developer of the script:

Here's the official press-release text:

cmiVFX Launches New Blender Training Video for the New cmiDirect
Watch High Definition Training Videos For The Visual Effects Industry Instantly From Anywhere In The World.

Curitiba, PR, Brazil January 10th, 2010 — cmiVFX | cmiStudios launches a brand new way of delivering videos for its fast growing user base. This new series of training videos is called cmiDirect. Why "direct"? The videos are DIRECT to the point and focus on one topic at the time. This will enable artists all over the world to have access to the information they need immediately without sorting through longer feature length videos. These videos explain all the information you need in depth and direct to the topic. Bundled video packages will be available in the near future for continuing education at affordable prices. When it comes to high end CG and VFX training, there is only once choice... cmiVFX!

V-Ray Introduction: The Blender Connection

The days of excuses are over! If the lack of a production-tested Global-Illumination-Renderer kept you from using Blender, the wait is over! Blender-Users have been utilizing other Apps like Max or C4D that have the V-Ray-Renderer-Plug-in. Where is the good news for you? Now that the V-Ray for Maya Standalone version is out, you can use an elegant and surprisingly good working exporter-script to render your Blender scenes with the V-Ray for Maya Standalone. Yes, you heard right, rendering with V-Ray from directly within Blender has become possible! Use your favorite tools and your beloved Blender-workflows, and produce stunning and superfast renderings with one of the most used and favored renderers out there! And not only that, when you finished rendering use the Blender's built-in compositor to do color-correction, effects and compositing. The possibilities are endless! Need a fast, reliable, easy to setup, high-quality renderer, then V-Ray is for you.

This tutorial will show you how to install the V-Ray for Maya Standalone version, how to setup the license-server and how to use the exporter-script. After a brief overview over the different sections of the script and its interface, learn the basic setups for Irradiance-Map and Light cache. Although there are a couple of other rendering methods in V-Ray, the combination of Irradiance-Map and Light cache is the most common one and gives blazingly fast and good results. Both methods provide lots of possibilities to tweak render-settings and to find the best compromise between speed and quality. Light cache is perfect to get an idea of the final look of your scene in just seconds. This tutorial uses very simple example scenes, so you can quickly and easily reproduce the test-renderings of this video.

The V-Ray/Blender exporter-script allows you to use Blender's interface to control the basic light-settings, material-setups, mirror / transparency settings and world-backgrounds. You will barely notice that you are working with a script. If there is the need to add special settings to objects, lamps or world-settings that cannot be accessed in Blender, there is an extra section in the script where you can do just that. As an example, you will learn how to use HDRI Maps to add reflections and light your scene as well as how to eliminate noise in the renderings by adjusting the lamp-settings.

After the basic introduction the tutorial shows a basic workflow for how an architectural rendering could look like. Assign materials, unwrap the mesh and apply textures in Blender, similar to the Blender Internal renderer. Use Blender's sun-lamp for fast and easily changes to the mood of your image completely by simulating the times of day with the V-Ray-Sun and V-Ray-Sky. During the tutorial learn some important tips and tricks for some special extras, like dynamic linking of V-Ray-renderings to Blender's built-in compositor or region-rendering for super-fast previews of your scene.

Of course only test-renderings and simple demo scenes are a bit boring, so we decided to add the blendfile from the title image as a special little bonus to the tutorial. Because what could be better as an example-scene for a Blender-tutorial than a Blender? The last chapter gives an overview on the scene-setup, the materials and the render settings. Check out the settings for glass material, smooth plastic with blurry reflections and translucent materials. This introduction for Blender-to-V-Ray-connection keeps you and your CPUs busy until we come up with the next, advanced tutorial for V-Ray and Blender.

This video is available today at the cmiVFX store. cmiVFX Video Player Online Store

About the Author:
Sebastian König is a German 3D-artist who is working as a freelancer and CG-instructor for several years now. During his studies for Education of Art he discovered the joy of modeling and creating 3D-Animations with Blender and hasn't stopped since. Being a passionate Blender-User he has been teaching Blender at the University of Art and Design Halle/Germany.* He has been working for various studios and companies as a 3D-Artist and freelancer. During the dozens of projects and jobs he completed with Blender he got a profound knowledge of almost every aspect of this great Open-Source 3D-application.

About cmiVFX
cmiVFX is the leader in High Definition Video Training for the Visual Effects Community. To test drive the new cmiVFX TVOD © system, visit For additional information about cmiVFX, visit
© 2010 cmiVFX | cmiStudios. *All rights reserved.

01 January 2010, 04:18 PM
Awesomeness! Pure awesomeness! :D

01 January 2010, 09:00 PM
Wow V-ray :drool:.

01 January 2010, 04:51 PM
I'm SO going to try that out.


01 January 2010, 05:01 PM
mmm.... sounds good:)

I'm guessing that it does not cover Blender 2.5 and V-ray integration? But, anyway, it's probably worth buying if you are V-ray and Blender user (archvis, anyone?:).

10 October 2010, 07:23 PM
links are dead , love to see this; somebody a suggestion ? thanks

10 October 2010, 07:32 AM
links are dead , love to see this; somebody a suggestion ? thanks

yeah, cgsociety isn't really what the name implies anymore,
its a business and they don't like to link to competition's sites.

change the obviously interchanged part of the links back to http://www. cmi vfx .com/ without spaces.

additionally they have re organized the site @ cmi so heres the correct link(again get rid of the spaces):
http://cmi vfx .com/productpages/product.aspx?name=VRAY_INTRODUCTION

10 October 2010, 07:57 AM
thanks fktt for clearing this up!
what's up with these unicorns in the link? is that really produced by cgtalk?! or is that some kind of bug?

10 October 2010, 02:19 PM
what's up with these unicorns in the link? is that really produced by cgtalk?! or is that some kind of bug? weird!

It's the vBulletin boards censorship feature where the mods/admins can enter words they want censored/interchanged and then enter another word that will replace it.

10 October 2010, 12:10 PM
Hey, sorry to say that but this site vfx is the worst one designI had ever seen. I spent almost a hour trying to buy this tutorial, just can't log in in html 5 neither in opera, nether in IE. Only flash works until the moment that I have to go to store, where I have to login again but without option for flash. Just can't do that. :banghead:

10 October 2010, 12:11 PM
I'm sorry to hear that! But I think this inconvenience is just temporary. They have been changing their site just yesterday, so there might be still be some issues eventually, but I am sure they are working on it so that these problems will be fixed soon.

10 October 2010, 04:20 PM
yeah, cgsociety isn't really what the name implies anymore,
its a business and they don't like to link to competition's sites.

Hey, considering you're not an official spokesperson for this site, perhaps you could refrain from making statements on our behalf? Suffice to say, you're wrong. This isn't competition, it's about the fact that this particular company has been spamming our site repeatedly recently and we've had enough. If you look through our site, you'll find plenty of companies advertising their wares here - this measure being taken in this particular regard has only been taken against a very small number of companies who have use our site a little too often for free advertising.

Additionally, this particular organisation does not offer any products that we do, and as such, is not competition.

So here's a thought - keep your opinions to yourself next time instead of ignorantly stating them as fact.

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