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08 August 2003, 11:25 PM
Ok i wasn't sure if i was gonna enter this one, but its been playing in my mind what to do so im gonna,

Heres the First concept pic ive done i hope you like it.

My Idea:

MICK McMAHON the horse hoof handed ring master of the mississippi misfits circus troop,

Mick was born to a middle classed Irish family in 1870, when he was born he appeared to have only a stump for a hand, origionally this was seen as an acceptable dissability to his family as they could pass it off as the result of a farm incedent.

unfortunatly for Mick as he grew older the stump started to grow what appeared to be a giant nail on the end. By the age of 7 it was clear to his family that the stump was infact a horse hoof.

On Micks 12th birthday his farther intent on protecting his families integrity, faked Micks death and smuggled him to a small port in Ireland. Mick was put on board a ship bound for America.

After 3 weeks at sea Mick had been befriended by an old blind lady, who said she was moving to her sons new home in America. The woman clearly not seeing Micks disability became a trusted friend.

When they arrived in the USA mick was whisked off to the country side farm of the old ladies son. The son gave mick a job on the farm and it soon became clear that due to micks deformity he could easily befriend horse's and tame them.

Mick became a legend in his area helping his master win several awards for his horse's. This news spread and one day in the middle of the night Mick was kiddnapped by horse smuglers intent of utilising micks talents to break in any wild or un tamed horses they brought him.

The bandits became very trusting of Mick and as such Mick started to be rewarded by the bandits, during 1893 Mick had hoarded quite a sum of ill gotten gains. (although mick was innocent)

When the horse smugglers leader was shot by goverment bounty hunters Mick was released by the smugglers (not that they really had him imprissoned). He took his money with him, and eventually ended up in mississippi.

Whilst in mississippi he found out that some people frowned upon his dissability, and wealth. as such he started to hang around with other "freaks" Micks entorage started to grow as all types of freaks joined the troop.

eventually mick decided that with his money the group could buy some horse's and a tents so they could travel the area. Right then mick had the idea, and never looked back.

The idea you ask.


The group spent all the money on tents and horse's and for a few months they started training, they then turned up at a county fair set up camp and became a huge success.

Many people fell instantly in love with the ideals and abilities the circus set (a few opposed but that happens with everything new)

At the end of the show a man from a county over asked Mick to come to their fair. The legend was born the circus was a huge success as it travelled county to county, state to state. Its reputation travelled in advance of the circus as the group were welcomed to each new area with excitement and wonderment.


Well in 1899 the troop had been travelling for 5 years town to town , picking up new talent, acts and equiptment. their reputation spread far and eventually they were asked to visit the western frontier town of RANTOMB

The troop arrived during the night to a dulled reception, the major and the sherif came to see them the next morning and asked who they were. Mick showed the invitation to the mayor, who looked pale as he read it. He told Mick to leave and the letter was a forgery. "get out whilst you still can" the mayor warned.

Mick took the mayors warning and prepared the circus to move. As they back tracked towards the last town the visited, the ground began to quake and a dust storm came down around the troop. Mick told the troop to push on, and stick together.

They did,

As the storm subsided mick realised he and his wagon were the only ones there. And they were back at RANTOMB.

The mayor came out of the town again and welcomed Mick,

"so you didn't make it, they saw you, your troop are probably dead, im sorry. you may as well come into town, there are plenty of house's,"

Mick declined the offer and asked who had seen them, The mayor replied "we don't know who...... or what they are, they come from the mountain to the North and West."

Mick defiantly said well then thats where im going to go. do you have an blacksmith or gunsmith.

The mayor led Mick to the Gunsmith and general store, where mick bought a gun and ammunition and a sword. also a few days supplies.

Game begins.......

Mick must travel to the mountains and solve the mystery around the dissapearences. Also he must look for his missing troop and rescue the survivors.

It would be a 3rd person or a 1st person fighting adventure/puzzle game. set in the 1899/1900 with you Playing Mick.

You can buy new weapons and stuff like hand extensions ( think bruce campbell in evil dead 2-3)

Ok thats it for now.


08 August 2003, 04:48 AM
88 views and no replys :(

I hope my concept and story arent that bad,

Well anyway, theres been no crit so i have just got on with the model, In fact ive nearly completed the model, just gotta make a cutlas and touch up anything you guys crit. about did an hours work last night and about 11hours today.

it weighs in at 3888 tri's so i wont need to optimise quite yet.

(by the way im aiming for a timesplitters 2 styled character, not quite realistic looking, not quite cartoony)

So crit me, tell me what you think :hmm:

08 August 2003, 05:14 AM
You know what I noticed…he has no prop. The rules say that they need to have a prop. But you can go ahead and make him without one if you want.

An Idea for a prop could be one of those whips jockeys use when racing horses. Other wise it looks good to me, Oh and you wrote so much information about your character my A.D.D. kicked in and I never finished reading it… I will though, but what I read so far sounds good. It’s nice to see someone put some real good though into the story behind their character.

Looking good.

08 August 2003, 05:27 AM
thanks ionanism, i always seem to lose concentration when reading something long, so i should have probably broke it down over a few posts maybe, but it just came to me so i wrote it down and posted it. (one to think about for the next comp tho :) )

As for the prop, yes im currently fiddleing around with a few ideas, (well i will be in about 8hours, as its 5.30am here and my sleep patern is ****ed) and as you said a "riding stick" this was one of my first ideas, but then i started to think of him more as a game character and am toying with maybe a Cutlas or US cavalry sword, or possibly even a six shooter. well i'll see what tomorrow brings, ive only got 112tri's left so i might go for the jocky stick thing as it can be low poly and look good.

cheers... baaah

08 August 2003, 09:20 AM
I’m totally with you on the idea of making an actual game character that you would see in a game, its what I did with mine… give him a real weapon, its better than a harmless little whip, but like you said…it would be a good low poly fall back.

09 September 2003, 04:30 AM
ok been doing my unwrapping for about 12 hours today, wanted to squeeze every pixel i could out of the 2 maps. im going fo 2 standard maps instead of a bump and a texture as i feel i need the detail of 2 texture sheets.

well heres a shot of the model with basic colours except the hat which ive started to work on properly. its currently 3986 tri's and i managed to get my low poly cavelry sword (that looks very like a samuri sword but isnt i tell you :hmm: )

and the hat so far

so what do you think, Crit me please :)

09 September 2003, 08:55 PM
Holy crap that is a long bio. :) Interesting concept though. The model seems to be coming along as well. Though something about his lower half seems off a bit. Maybe, his lower legs aren't quite long enough.. or his feet are too small. His legs seem more prominent in the concept and I dont seem to see that in the model yet. Could be just me. :)

09 September 2003, 11:18 PM
cheers randal, I was thinking that origionally but then i kind of decided to make it timesplitters 2 styled, which is a little more cartoony than other FPS's or adventure games. hopefully the textures will draw the attention a little more towards the torso when im done. Hopefully have so progress to show by by tomorrow. :)

09 September 2003, 05:11 AM
Looks nice. I like the idea of the seams breaking apart on the hat.

My only suggestion is that you might want to emphasise the hoof better. Maybe make it larger or at least when you pose the character, have it close to the camera. The reason I say this is because while looking at the model I couldn't tell why he's a sideshow act. Actually, it looks more like he's just missing a hand.

Keep it up though. Lookin' good.:)

09 September 2003, 09:47 PM
Ok been doing a fair bit of texture work, and Randall i have extended the legs a bit as they were overly short, Is that long enough?

well heres the update

So what do you think, am i going in the right direction? Crit? :)

09 September 2003, 08:49 AM
im going fo 2 standard maps instead of a bump and a texture as i feel i need the detail of 2 texture sheets.

I was just reading through you thread…you mention something about how you plan on using both texture sheets for textures and not using any bump maps…well you would be pleased to know that you can use all of the above…check out the issues forum…I was thinking along that same lines a you are and I asked that very question there.

Issues Thread (

09 September 2003, 05:23 PM
hmmmm this is something to really consider now, I havent even thought aout bump maps after i discarded it earlier. And it is something i definatly need to practice so i might really have a pop at that. thanks ionanism.

09 September 2003, 09:43 PM
ok finished my texture, and rigged him.

ionanism im not gonna do bumps for this character as i want to finish him and start a new one with bumps from the start :)

heres a small animation its divx 5 by the was so you'll need the codec.

Hope you like, im not an animator im just proveing the mesh doesnt deform. Hope you enjoy

CRIT ME please :hmm:


Right click and save target is your best bet :)

09 September 2003, 10:05 PM
I think the animation looks great, i especially like the way the hat flops. Might be me but when he turns around the right foot moves very close to the left foot, and nearly goes threw it. It looks like the left foot slides a little too, but as you said you aren't focusing on the animation. I think its pretty dam cool!

09 September 2003, 02:35 AM
Thanks frankyc the little animation was just to show the character moveing, but yeah the feet slide a liittle which i could fix if i was that bothered about animation, but at least you think it looks cool :)

heres a final character sheet, I'll be posting the pics that the rules require in the next day or 2. Hope you guys like it,

Rate my work on Cgchallenge site, even if you dont like it, give me a 1, i'd rather have a larger ammount of people and a low score than a few votes and a highish score, it helps me to get a better evaluation of my work. thanks.

please put any crit or evaluations in the thread, thanks, all feedback will be taken seriously.

I had fun making my model and thanks to everyone who commented or looked at my work, good luck everyone who's taking part in this challenge hope to see you all back for the next one. :thumbsup:

09 September 2003, 02:53 AM
I got some feedback for ya…
Your character looks great…my only complaint is that the shots you have of him look too dark… it might just be that white background is “blowing out” you character…it just seem too bright to me.

Other than the BG thing…Nice work.

09 September 2003, 08:47 PM
thanks ionanism, good advice, I'll have a proper think about it in the next few days and hopefully get Mick displayed in the best light.

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