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01 January 2010, 05:45 PM
Can anyone please tell me if there is a way of transferring the point order (not vertex position)of vertices from one mesh to another in Maya 2008.I have modelled a series of facial meshes for blendshapes but due to importing and exporting with the wrong settings the point order on all the meshes is messed up making them useless for blendshapes.If I could find a way to copy/transfer the point order from one to the others while maintaining the vertex positions, it would save me hours of re-modelling.Any help would be much appreciated.

01 January 2010, 02:39 PM
Yes it is possible. Although it can take a bit of trial and error plus some manual labour to fix it, depending on how you've done things.

The easiest way is to duplicate and transfer your base shape to all your target shapes by using using the Transfer Attributes command set to 'Transfer based on UV position'. Do that to replace all the target shapes with the base shape vert order.

If you don't have the same UVs on all your objects then this becomes much harder. If the topology and vertex count are the same (or very similar) then you can try a 'transfer based on local space', but it can fail.

If all the target shapes have the same vertex order and count then you can try duplicate and transfer one of the target shapes back to the base shape and use that as the new base shape. Or if you want to use the base shape order/count then you can transfer the base shape UVs onto the target shape UVs 'based on world space'.

If you get close but some vertices aren't quite there it might require a little bit of manual snapping of vertices to fix.

Anyway Transfer Attributes (I'm pretty sure it's in M2008, might be called something different like Transfer Geometry) is what your after and should hopefully work.

You can also try duplicate and blendshape (turning off 'check topology' and testing either local or world spaces) between the target and base shapes. But I would only use this method to get back to a consistent geometry for all shapes rather than using it for the final blendshape setup.

01 January 2010, 05:24 PM
Thanks Earlyworm,
In the end I used Tools 3D's free plugin to transfer over the vertex positions to duplicates of the base mesh as it seemed to work better than maya's own transfer attributes tool.

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