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08 August 2003, 05:42 PM

I am a new Animate 4.0 user and I have been following the yahoo group I have been noticing alot of issues being brought up for Studio that reflects Animate, yet the rev and fixes that have been address as well as the recent Cinema4D connection update have been not released for Animate just Studio. Is there something I am missing? Is there a separate area to go to for Animate or is Animate being pushed aside while the developers fix things in Studio? Can anyone provide some insight to this situation.


08 August 2003, 10:55 PM
Give them a chance to get a fix out. The last studio fix was last week, and I believe that rev 9 of the studio advance is on the same page or close to animate. That has been out for only 2 weeks now. On top of that the last rev of studio was back in november. I highly doubt that animate is on the back burner. I believe that animate and studio development happen simualtaneously. Thy just include more functions with studio. In other words, it's the same program.

Here's what they added/fixed for 9b:

Rev 9b
Rev9b is mostly last-minute fixes (see below) but there was some time to make some changes to the program too.


There's an Autofit setting for blocks in the Customize tab context menu. When this is on, blocks will not open up with part of them being off the bottom of the interface. They will adjust the Item List so they fit properly. This is similar to pressing the middle mouse button to open a block (which still works too if Autofit is off).

Blocks are automatically expanded when using tabs.
Function - ActiveCameraSet - This sets the active camera.

Render - An Atmosphere surface has been added to the Camera's surfaces.

FogBasic shader - mainly for use with Camera:Atmosphere

API - Access the render mode submodes via SetCurrentMode

Host Connection - Lights, Nulls, and Cameras can now be properly connected to LightWave using messiah:xform. They'll show up as what they're supposed to be (lights, nulls, and cameras). Other hosts will be updated soon. To connect items with messiah:xform (so they just get motion, not deformation),
follow these steps:

1) Go to KeyManager and select Object in the Class pulldown.
2) In the Name field, put Connect To Host XForm (actually you can put whatever you want, but
this one is good idea)
3) In the Command field, put: HostConnect(CurObj(), 1, 3) (you can copy and paste it from here)
4) Select that command in the list on the left, then select F11 in the list on the right and press Assign Command.
(Or assign it to whatever other key you want.)

Now when you select an item and press F11 it will connect with LightWave via the messiah:xform translation plug-in.

O t h e r F i x e s a n d M o d i f i c a t i o n s

a. You can now access world view context menus when a slider is selected
b. time channel for clipinstances is now properly initialized
c. crash when rendering with 0 threads (clamped to 1 - max threads)
d. crash when rendering camera surfaces that have no materials
e. crash when rendering object surfaces that have no materials
f. black renders
g. quaternion option now gets saved/loaded
h. layered object load crash is gone
i. UVs now render & draw properly
j. UVs are saved in mpj files
k. crash when clearing the scene after having edited shader parameters
l. diffuse input now functions properly
m. reflections are no longer washed out - to get the washed looked back, increase reflect > 1.0
n. samples no longer render black when depth of field is active
o. shader opacity when connected to the bump input is fixed
p. specular color
q. more stable when opening & closing scenes
r. fixed crash when entering Compose while not using Block Tabs
s. curves can now function properly for weighting (& WeightSpot)
t. MetaNURB UV's are fixed.
u. Interface size & position no longer changes upon startup.
v. No more corrupt size & position data when quitting the program while minimized.

As you can see, only a couple things here woud even apply to animate. Most of the fixes seem to apply to the renderer.

I bet they will have a fix to your problem (s) very soon.

08 August 2003, 02:55 AM
Thanks for the info Qslugs, I can live without getting fixes for Animate right away, but I really would like to get the C4D connection update that Studio users have gotten. Haven't been able to get C4D and Messiah working well together. And I assume that the connection will work with Studio and Animate, so I shouldn't see why it couldn't have been released to both userbase instead of one.


08 August 2003, 04:25 PM
Post on your request on the yahoogroups list. I am sure assuming there are not program dependant functions associated with the c4d connection, someone should be able to post the files up there for you. Have you checked in the files section over on the yahoogroups?

08 August 2003, 04:46 PM
I emailed techsupport instead. I did check the files section, but the latest connection is from 2002 which might be what I have. Hopefully, I will be able to get the connection. Really happy with Animate so far other than this C4D issue.


08 August 2003, 06:49 PM
I got a timely response from Tech Support. Nothing new to tell about the connection other that they are still working on it, but it looks like Animate users won't be getting the current updated connection until the bugs and stuff have been ironed out and it is ready to go for both Studio and Animate.

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