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08 August 2003, 02:41 AM
Well this seems like a fun challange :D

For my entry i was thinking of making a man who suffers from a half-body muscular decease. wich basicly means he can only control the muscles of half his body. Perhaps later on i will think of a talent or trick this man has :)

Here is a little doodle of his face made in photoshop. Note that the muscles in half the face are very tense :)

08 August 2003, 10:08 AM
:applause: hehe sounds like real cool idea.... seems very real world as well, not too far fetched which I like :thumbsup:

08 August 2003, 10:52 PM
A little update, started modeling the face. I was thinking that because his muscles are always tense, they should be a lot bigger than usual. So exept for the wierd "smile" he should have "muscle-bumps" in the face aswell. What do you think?

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