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12 December 2009, 05:30 AM
Can anybody give me some good criticism.
Many Thanks

12 December 2009, 07:10 AM
Hey there!

So I have some things that I think you could do to improve your Zombie:

Go back to the base mesh and work on that. I feel like the added geometry that dips in for the scar is hurting your model more than helping it. Take that out and let the normal map do the work for it. Same for the stitches, you have polygons in there in place of the stitches, but they don't pop out or anything to add to the model. Same as the scar, I'd get rid of that and let the normals do the work. The eye that is damaged does not look very pretty either. It looks like the eyelids are still open, but there is skin/a scar running through where the eye should be. If its damaged and swollen/sewed shut, you wouldnt have the lids sticking out from the face. Your left side of your lip looks strange too. I see that you deformed it to look like its damaged or something.

Your textures could use some work as well. So for the areas where the skin is ripped/peeled off, I would suggest trying to make that more believable. Right now, it just looks like the areas were cut by a surgeon..nice and clean. The area where the red spots meet the skin should look more the skin ripped/fell off. Also, with that much damage to his face, I can't really imagine there would be a large strand of skin in between the 2 spots near his mouth there. I see that you messed around with the nose too. While the base mesh has symmetrical geometry, you changed one of the nostrils with your sculpt. This makes the low poly nose look really warped. Either adjust the nose sculpt to be of normal shape, or edit the low poly nose to make it fit that better. Your scar is Waaaay too thick, especially since it has stitches. People get stitches to pull the skin together, not to let gaping crevices hang out like that. Speaking of the stitches...why would he bother to stitch up his face when he has holes of skin missing? It looks cool, but is inconsistent with the rest of his face. There is some normal errors around the ears. Right in front of the ear, as well as on the head near the ear. I think that since you went through the trouble of sculpting this guy up, you should maybe add some more texture to the it has a bumpiness to it. Maybe add some wrinkles...this guys skin is obviously in bad shape, that could help sell it more. It looks like his eyebrows were sunk in with the normal map. It should be the other way around.

Thats all I've got for now. I know its a wall of text, but I hope it helps!

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12 December 2009, 07:10 AM
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