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08 August 2003, 12:30 PM
hey guys this is the first time im postin up sum of my work. im gettin back into the webdesign game and wondered if u guys could give me sum help/advice. im plannin on making a new website for an online portfolio of my works and also just a personal weblog of my day to day life and what not. i have a layout idea which basically revolves around a portable audio player kinda look. its definitely futuristic. ive made a remote style menu bar and it looks liek this: remote menu (
)ugh....i cant find a good site to host these images on with i had to resize them as close as i could to the real image....)

the site bg color would be whitish..and would kinda centralize on this theme.
i tried to furthur develop this site using Flash mx, but the quality of the picture isnt that can see it here: website flash attempt (
is there neway to get the quality better? the remote pic is saved at 300 dpi, and as a .PNG file. I imported it into flash.
also..any feed back about the site concept and the remote itself would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance!

:D elektro

ps...would it be even a better idea to scrap the whole flash idea together and make it just a regular html website?...for updating conviences..:hmm:

08 August 2003, 05:39 PM
I do think the remote is pretty neat, however, I think that really black cord is out of place. Matbe lighten it, fade it, or just leave it out. If you would do a layout to resemble that kind of feel, I think it would look nice.

As for the flash png thing, I've never liked how flash imported those files, and even though it gives you the transparency, it can pixelate and do annoying things. If I don't do the artwork in flash or illustrator, I usually stick with jpeg or gif, and just use masks or faking background so to object looks like the background.

As for doing the site in flash, you can also consider making frames or a navigation bar as a flash swf, and doing the layout through html. I kinda like it that way, a whole lot easier to edit (you don't have to change the whole fla doc. Hope this helps some.

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