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11 November 2009, 01:06 AM

Software used : Photoshop

Date : November 30, 2009
(Sorry for huge images guys. Cgtalk wont let me shrink them for some reason, you can view
original tutorial here (, because I know how cramped up the forums can sometimes get. Now for the tutorial)

Caricatures are a popular art form and Photosphere has made the art of making caricatures a much easier process than traditional painting. For one, it’s painless to manipulate a final look or multiple final looks. My personal favorite way to make caricatures in Photoshop is to paint the picture NORMAL first and then transform it into a caricature later. Why? Well I can manipulate the NORMAL version into MANY different looks easily if I want. If I started off with a warped caricature version first I would’nt be able to transform it to look like a NORMAL portrait or have many other pleasing variations as easily. The method we will be using is more flexible if you are just making a simple portrait caricature without the body.

Step 1.

Open your picture in Photoshop. (

Step 2 - Dupilcate Your Image

Duplicate your Image onto a new layer by right clicking on the bottom layer and clicking Duplicate. (

STEP 3 – Use Liquify

Go to Filters/Liquify to distort your portrait. Let’s quickly go over the 4 most useful liquefy tools to use.


This tool is used to “Shrink” areas. I like to use it for reducting areas like the nose or eyes. Kind’ a looks like she had a nose job doesn’t it? (


This tool is used to “ENLARGE” areas. It’s the opposite of the Punker Tool. I like to use it for making bunny teeth, or is it beaver teeth? Hmmm… (


This tool is used to “Pull or Stretch” areas. It’s probably the most used tool in liquify. (


Last but not least the Freeze Mask Tool. This is very helpful if you wish to avoid distorting certain areas. On the example above I paint a mask around the nose, eyes, and lips, and use the Forward Warp Tool to pull around the face to create the look of being overweight. It’s all very fun to do. (

11 November 2009, 01:12 AM


As you can see from the crazy looking examples below you can get many variations and designs from liquify VERY quickly. Caricatures are mainly about exaggerating features onthe person. You really don’t want to do what I did below and just make anything at random. You have to find something about that person that makes them unqiue, like their big head or teeth and exagerate it. In a good caricature you want to try to capture their personality or expression. The example below shows many different styles often used. ( Video Example

(Sorry guys cant seem to figure out how to embed video at cgtalk : (

Here's a link instead (

Lastly, here’s how I think of creating caricatures of any kind.

1.) You have your picture you want to caricaturize.

2.) You find proportions you either wish to enlarge or shrink, stretch or
squash. Here I squashed the head, and enlarged the ears.

3.) The final step usually involved with creating caricatures is to add personality
to the picture and warping (optional) the proportions so that the features
aren’t following a straight line. You want the figure to feel less stiff.
Personality can be added by the type of attitude you give the character from
tweaking the eye brows, mouth , or pose of the character.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you are interested in learning many more techniques like this and information and strategies on how I made the portrait before it was "caricaturized" just hit me up, or check out my webpage at my page...

( (

Thanks for watching, or reading I should say.Take care GODbless

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