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11 November 2009, 05:33 PM
CGS Chicago 3D Mini Challenge #1

Download Links:


Objective: Create a single rendered composition out of three objects

Object #1: Flower (provided)
Object #2: One of three childrens' toys (provided)
Object #3: Something from your work area

Must have a WIP from initial idea to final rendering
Additional models are acceptable, but the focus should be on the three primary objects
Model you create must be a new model (nothing you've modeled before)

Take a picture of your workspace object and post that in your WIP

Judging Criteria:

Modeling - 15%
Lighting - 15%
Materials - 15%
Camera - 15%
Overall Composition: 40%
A Few Thoughts:

You could choose to set up the images like a still life and focus on lighting and composition of the image
You could create a story using the objects and convey it through the camera lens
Until we get a separate category for the challenges, start a new thread in the Chicago Chapter. Title of the thread should be "3D CHALLENGE #1 - YOUR NAME"
Final image size can be any aspect, but constrain the longest dimension to no more than 1600 pixels

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If you haven't been approved in a timely fashion send a PM to Taoizm and he'll make sure it's put through.*

11 November 2009, 08:54 PM
Sounds like fun! I just might get in on this and hopefully make it to one of the meetings some day, lol. :D