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11 November 2009, 09:03 AM
I have two questions.
First, I make selection sets from CREATE > SELECTION SET and then I add a new subdivision level. I recall my selection set, but it's not the same as it was in previous step. the selected polys are now scattered. why is that so?

second, I use UV Mapper to define some UV GROUPS and then I Import my model to mudbox and try to hide one of these UV Groups. but it goes totally wrong (below picture). just one of two triangles that form a quad poly is hidden. why? is it because of UV Mapper?
thanks for your help

11 November 2009, 08:52 AM
in mud you need a 100% clean mesh and uvs...
maybe your mesh has bad geo or uvs...

may i see a wireframe and the uvs...

12 December 2009, 05:04 AM
ok, I said I have 2 problems.

first, I make a selection set in mudbox and then I add subdivs levels and when I want to recall my selection set it's not as it was. take a look at these pictures:
I make a simple sphere in 3dsmax.
Import it to mudbox.
I define a selection set. then I add subdivision levels.
I reselect my selection set, but as u can see the polygons are scattered! why?

The second problem is that when I want to hide a selection set defined by UV GROUPS, it goes wrong.
Ok, I have this model in 3dsmax. As u can see it's clean and fully mapped.

I export it to an .obj file using the default settings.
I open it up in UV Mapper, I define UV Groups.

I again save the model in .obj usind these settings.

Open it in mudbox.
Ok, now I have my selection set ready here in object list.

But when I hide the selected region, the problem appeares. why?

12 December 2009, 09:04 AM
beside the tris your mesh looks ok... mud work best with quad only meshes...
your uvs are to close to the border of the uv region... mud needs space for texture bleeding...

but all these should not cause such problems in the selections...
hmm sry no idea...

report this problem to autodesk with a link to this thread...

why did you need these selection sets..?

12 December 2009, 07:16 PM
your uvs are to close to the border of the uv region... mud needs space for texture bleeding...
hey that's a point. I didn't know this. thanks :)

why did you need these selection sets..?
I tried zbrush for a while. In zbrush u can have selection sets so that you can select and hide different parts of model in different subdivision levels very fast. but in mudbox it seems to be different. at first I thought it's like in zbrush, and when u have a selection set u can have it at any subdivision level and I though I can define a selection set in a lower level to use it in higher levels and to hide parts of the model to prevent undesired effects while I'm sculpting. but I found I was wrong. as I described above it seems u lose ur saved selection in other subdivision levels.
so I think I give it up and use default mudbox selection tools.

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12 December 2009, 07:17 PM
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