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08 August 2003, 09:59 AM
Just been working on this and need some crits about the overall feel of the acting. I've got a fair bit of secondary action to add yet and thelip synchs not quite there yet. Does the turn away and back again at the end look unnatural (my guess is it does but I can't seem to get it looking right).

It's for 10 second club btw

Thanks for any comments.

Quicktime sorenson 2megs

08 August 2003, 01:31 PM
I think you may need to fiddle with some of your keyframe's kind of hard to explain what's wrong - but it's like he shifts through his movements just a little to smooth - I can almost see the tangents on a graph between keyframes.

I think the general poses are just fine, but I think the interpolation needs tweaking! Of course IANAA ;)

08 August 2003, 07:07 PM
You have a good start here. I like the fact that he is not just standing there. He is sitting and standing and moving around. That is good because he is obviously on the edge of losing it. I think your acting choices are pretty good, but I think you could push your poses a bit more. Especially when he says,"I can't believe I am hearing this!" I think the biggest problem that I see is that the whole thing is floaty. He never really "hits" a pose. He is constantly going from one pose to the other. I think it is a good idea to decide how long each pose is going to hold while you are still in the blocking phase. Then when your are holding a pose, for let's say 20 frames, that's where your moving holds come in. And that's also when you work within that pose. For example, at the beginning when he puts his hands on his head, they are very floaty. In frustration he slaps his hands on his head but they need to stay in the same spot on his head until you go into your next pose. Right now they are constantly moving on his head. I also notice problems with his weight in a few spots. Like when he stands up from the box. He puts his arms down to push off, but they never really give him a push. His hips should rise as a RESULT of his push. Put in a pose with his butt slightly off the box with his hands still on it pushing off. Also when he is jumping around. The legs need to do the pushing, that is what makes you move. Give him some poses when the leg is straight pushing him off the ground before he steps or jumps. I hope I am being clear.

Just my thoughts

08 August 2003, 09:29 AM
I agree his acting is getting there. It's just there are moments where he is waiting and he moves a bit too much. He should hold stronger poses when he does nothing. And when he says "That's easy for you to say" he should have a more definite action riht now he just holds his arm out and the other one doesn't move much.
At the beginning I'd have him the way you do but not move his head and eyes around as much. Just listening. Then when he gets up and starts moving it'll be more satisfying.

08 August 2003, 11:19 AM
Thanks guys, thats really helpful. I can definitely see what you mean about needing to hold a strong pose for longer and not so much constant moving. His sense of weight I definitely need to work on too, thanks for the suggestions on how to improve that!!

About putting his hands on his head, I tried doing this using the ik blend option in character studio but I can't get it to work (hands stay where they are), even though I've managed to do it in the past and I'm sure I'm using the same technique. Maybe I'm missing something, or maybe max is playing games with me as it likes to now and again:D



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