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11 November 2009, 08:43 AM

I have problem. I have 3d model of branch (around 5k polys), and am trying to generate color and normal map front it, so that i could use it on poly plane to save polys.

I try to do so by going into side view, draw a poly plane around this high poly branch, so that if you made projection from side, you would capture the whol high poly branch on the poly plane.

Problem is, that leaves have transparency. So when i use Tranfer map -> normal map, it does not account transparecy.
For example, you have one leaf covering another one. When you see alphs, it actually won't cover it, because the part of leaf model (every leaf is on it's own polygon plane) that actually does cover the one below, is transparent. So when you render it, it' does look like it's covering it.

But when i want to generate normal map, all i get is one plane covering another poly plane (on normal map), because it doesn't take in acount that those planes have transparency on it.

So, to make in short, how would i make it, that when i generate normal map fron 3d object on 2d poly plane, that it would actually remember that high poly has transparecy aswell. Any ideas?


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11 November 2009, 08:43 AM
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