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11 November 2009, 10:17 AM
So i know this is a little bit of a cliche question, but I'm a bit stumped, and I've been tryin to figure this out all day....

Can one combine normal maps with MR materials, such as Dialectric, DGS, and architectural materials? I know I can do it with the SSS shaders, as it has an normalCamera I can plug into, but thats all the luck I've had.

I've been exploring the JS_Normalmapper shader from Pixero, the bumpCombiner shader from CTRL Studios (I believe), and the lyrid_normal_map shaders as well, but to no real avail.

I know I can render default maya materials with normal maps in MR, but I'm trying to figure out if there are more options than that.

I would like to render out some still images of creatures/characters/vehicles etc, most likely rendering in passes to be composited (in Photoshop). Will things like ambient occlusion passes or Final Gather/GI occlude a surface and/or respond to it in accordance to the normal and/or bump map details?

I would sincerly appreciate and tips, links, explanations or what have you.



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11 November 2009, 10:17 AM
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