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08 August 2003, 07:34 AM
Now here's something you don't see too often here...a 3d political cartoon. Since I haven't seen many political cartoons before, my first try will need a lot of help on clarity and emphasis.
It's sorta abstract, but I have to make sure that the image communicates w/o too much caption explanation.

Inspiration: On world news I saw a controversial current event drawing: a guy holding a gun at a president (you know who?), reminiscent of a vietnam photo. The gov. said it was personally life threatening or something. So I made a fairly short project in the same theme just for fun on symbols and abstracts.

Tell me what you think, and if some elements are misleading, that'll help me work the clarity.

Here (ignore the "proof" watermark):


08 August 2003, 09:44 AM
First of I have no clue what is going on, I am 15 and this may have something to do with it lol, but from my view im lost. It looks like Frankenstein suckin water outa some weird water bowl.

The pic itself looks good but I am just lost in the meaning of it...

08 August 2003, 02:25 PM
I'm 15 too, but I made this quite abstract, or symbolic, as I saw some political cartoons.

The background (paper white) might be messing up the glass vase/bowl and the liquid. How do I fix that?

I'm releasing some clues: The liquid should be much darker than this (what natural resource is that?), just that the thing at the bottom should still show through the liquid.
The face is a current president's.

Keep guessing!

Mangled Poly
08 August 2003, 03:53 PM
I saw what you where going for but i think you do need to make it resemble the president a little more... maybe have the earth more like a glass then a big ball.. something he can hold in his hands.. it may also achieve more of a look your going for composit wise....

08 August 2003, 05:10 AM
Try rotating the camera so that the head is at the top right corner and the glass sphere is at the bottom left. and you get a nice composition in diagonal. And I agree youcould make the face resemble a little more right now it doesn't really look like W.

08 August 2003, 05:07 PM
Hey thanks ppl. I did some changes like the head and the composition in the diagnal, tilted way. Nice idea Mangled Poly, but at first I purposefully avoided using bones for him so other than composition and color, it's kinda set.

Okay, this rendering has better darker oil and a random splash in the center where the tube goes to the gun (canon?), but now I can't see the gun! Any thoughts on a compramise?

Is a feature of the head still not close enough?

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