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11 November 2009, 11:23 PM
Hey there all I been creeping these forms for ages reading what other people do and hearing from people in the industry with advise and the urge to help others. I decided its time to get my feet wet with a question for those out there who may be in my position or ideas of what you all ready do.

A little background is simply this. I went to Westwood College for 3 and a half years graduating with a bachelor degree in Game Art and Design. Sadly I do not feel that I hit the level of skill that is required to enter the industry so I have been for the past two years spending what time I can wile juggling a 40 hour job and somewhat social life working on my art.

I believe that if you want to achieve a dream you always have it in your power to get there so I stick to it even though I am out of college all ready. So the questions I have are simply this.

What do you do besides modeling to help improve your modeling?

I keep a pad of paper and a pencil right next to my desk as I work IT tickets through the day so I can draw when I get some free time. I watch DVD on subjects I want to learn more about that I buy off of the net like Color theory and Modeling tips and tricks for Z brush. But I feel like there are more options out there or things I should pick up to better my abilities.

So what do you guys do to keep the edges sharp on your modeling skills?

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11 November 2009, 11:23 PM
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