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11 November 2009, 11:09 AM
Hi people... I've recently just finished my first showreel.
I'm trying to start a freelance career in the 3d / vfx trade. I have however, never studied 3D at university, and for the most part have been totally self tought in everything I know.... So I'll fully admit that my showreel may lack the same level of skill and quality of most out there... Oh and I still have no sorted out copyright for being able to use music, so for now it is silent.

Anyhows... Tell me what you think ^^

11 November 2009, 11:53 AM
Oh I've found that the video won't play for some people... So here's a youtube link

Note: The quality appears to be substantially lower on the Youtube version.

EDIT: I've uploaded a better quality version

11 November 2009, 04:31 PM

I would like to say you have a lot of different stuff in there, are you going for modeling, texture, animation, composting? I couldn't tell. If its animation you need to work on that girls walk cycle a little more swing her hips, etc. I like the airplanes and boats.

I would say cut the joker? stuff. get it down to like a minute and itll be much stronger!
looks good though your getting started!


11 November 2009, 05:06 PM
I agree with what was listed above. Overall there is just too many things going on, and not all of them are of equal quality. The highest point I saw were some of your models. A good rule of thumb is try and show off one major skill you want to get hired for, but if you can show you are decent are other things than fit them in somewhere but only if they are very very good. Your showreel must be your best work.

Now, if you still want to show off those things separately to show your versatility then place them somewhere else on the site for someone to see if they poke around. Just make them ancillary to your main work.

As far as a critique of the reel, like I said there is so much stuff so I don't know if I could comment on each thing. As an animator I must say that the walk cycle needs a lot of work. It may sound harsh, but it is a perfect example of train hard fight easy. Better to get the hard work in now so you can land that first job.

Major issues I saw with the walk cycle:

The poses themselves seemed pretty stiff and bland. I couldn't really get any sense of her character.
There didn't seem to have been a lot of work done to smooth out the in-betweens. The walk was not one flowing movement, she seemed to hitch whenever her feet hit the ground; like a robot.
The model you were using was not all that aesthetically pleasing. If you did it yourself, then I would suggest finding one pre-made until your modeling skills are up to snuff. Having a poor looking model can take away from focusing on your animation.
Ditch the lens flare wipe. All it did was make me laugh because of its cliche nature.
I hope these help you improve. Don't give up because this first one isn't up to snuff. Most people don't get it right on the first try - and the ones who do often took a lot more time to get their first one out there.

11 November 2009, 01:45 AM
Everyone has made good points so far. You have a good amount of stuff that would constitute a good start, but it all needs to be taken much further, Animation especially.

As it was previously said this reel targets too much, you should really nail down what you want to do, and show that off. If its modeling make turnarounds with wireframes, if its lighting and compositing make comps of your lighting passes, etc... If its animation start working on your animation, posing espeically. I would ditch all the extra transitions you have in the reel they are not helping. I would ditch the canned after effects graphite filter you have over the movement in the beginning. It looks like one of two things, you are either trying to hide bad animation, or you were trying to do an interesting opener. Either way its not working so I would just get rid of it. And yes the lens flare is completely inappropriate.

Ok so what I'm about to say may seem overly blunt, but I'm just going to lay it out. I would honestly remove the animation on the walk cycle, right now its just not working. It needs help in multiple areas starting from the beginning posing. Everything is very stiff, and there is no specific character to the movement. Also for a female character the walk has a significantly male movement to it. You need to really think about who it is that you are animating, and not just move the controllers. Shoot reference, and don't despair about having to delete poses and redo them. For me everytime maya crahses and I lose work I use it as a boost to make my work better, because what I lost was probably crap anyway. If I had to layout the exact problem areas in the walk it would be this.

*firstly you have signifcantly stiff poses with no character.
*your center of gravity (COG) has no side to side sway.
*over all everything is very robotic. There is no over lap in the arms at all, and they just follow a specific line of motion. If someone has arm movement that large their arms are more apt to swing in front of the body at the end of the arc becasue the humerus rotates on a ball joint.
*you dont have any counter rotation in the body at all. When a person walks, the hips rotate towards the forward foot in the contact pose, and the shoulder counter that rotation.
* also the head has no motion in it either, its nice to see a slight bob in the head as a character walks.
* another thing are pushoffs on the feet right now you don't have any pushoff, your feet just leave the ground. Without a pushoff it looks like a character is just moving their legs while translating through space. the pushoff shows that intial motion that keeps the momentum of the walk up. On that note as well the COG down in the walk is simultaneous with the contact pose when in reality the down comes a few frames after the contact pose becasue its in preparation for the pushoff. There is an intial down with the contact, and a secondary down that is much more slight but still noticable.

Overall it seems like a lot to fix, but its really not. I suggest you pick up a copy of the animators survival kit ( and make it your bible.

So beyond that. There are other things in the reel that should be addressed as well. The drawing you fade to after the walk cycle seems out of context in the reel, and its not up long enough to really see what it is. I had to pause the reel to look at it, you're not going to get the same courtesy from someone who is hiring for a job. I would say axe that. The camera move when the helicopter flies by is too sudden, and should be significantly more fluid. Camera moves should be fluid, and have a reason to happen. If they are not the audience is jarred, and really doesn't care what they are looking at.

The animation on the plane needs to be much more fluid as well. Right now the rotations and movements are disturbing. Even though a plane is mechanical it still has very fluid movement. I would say look some reference videos of jet fighters in flight. Right now a couple of the rolls look like they would start a barrel roll, but go back to the origin instead. In this situation the plane would probably break apart.

I would also cut from 1:10 to 1:38 none of that is going to help you get a job. The end part with the buildings growing out of the globe works well.

Anyway I hope that helps, sorry to seem a little abrasive. Just keep working. As I said you have the framework you just need to push it. Keep it up and you will be fine.

11 November 2009, 03:42 AM
Hi People... Thankyou very much for the comments ^^.
Good to get some constructive criticism.

Yeah.. Firstly regarding the female.
I deffiantly agree with all the flaws pointed out... There is not one thing in the whole reel I am 100% pleased with, and am highly critical of pretty much everything on there.

Thing is with the female... The whole rig and animation was done in a very primitive way...
Simply just added in the bones, and keyframed each individual bone with nothing in between. So as far as proffesional rigging goes... It's very bare bones. And a very jagged clunky and inneficient way or doing it. And it really shows..
However now I have purchased Cinema 4D, It came with a proffesional Character rigging / animation tutorial, which guides through the whole process of setting up the characters from kinematics, to all the things you need to know to really streamline the whole process.

So my to-do list is to pretty much scrap the whole current rig/ animation, and work through said tutorial and then re-do the entire thing...
In simple terms... Familiarize myself with the way it SHOULD be done ^^

And yeah just to adress some of the other comments...
Both the Jet Fighter and Helicopter taking off from the boat animations were actually created in Vue7..
Using Vue was actually a pretty last minute thing, seeing as I just happened to find there was a 50% offer on purchasing it. So it's inclusion into the showreel was very last minute... Consequently I didn't really have much time to familiarize myself with the 'animation' features which is why the movements seem somewhat jagged.
Same goes for the Jet... That was actually just the pre-defined 'areoplane' animation that Vue has... However there are some noticably erratic points which I unfortunatley don't have sufficient Vue knowledge to be able to iron out as of yet ^^... Thats another thing for the 'to do' list ^^.

The drawing after the walk cycle?.... Yeah I agree... What can I say :p ... The idea I had in my head didn't exactly translate particularly well in practise :p
Thats probably gunna go.

In the end of the day... My feelings very much were that there is a lot of flaws, and every single thing could benefit from touching up, re-doing, altering, researching more into the various 3D techniques used etc etc...
But it was important for me to just get the thing finished and completed so I could put up on the website, otherwise I could jsut see myself going in ever decreasing circles, chasing the ever elusive point of zen in which I am 100% pleased with everything and spend forever on it ^^.

11 November 2009, 04:57 AM
I totally understand the going in circles thing. That being said - get something better out there. Now that you have a website up nag yourself to put up something you will really be proud of, and do it as fast as you can.

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11 November 2009, 04:57 AM
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