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11 November 2009, 07:45 PM
Hello everyone,
I'm an 18 year old guy from germany who just has passed his A-Levels and has a big passion for 3D Modelling and Animation, so to say for CGI at all. After school I was kind of confused how to get things going with the college and job. I really wanted to study something in the CGI area, but after a lot of pursuing by my parents I decided to try a combined study of informatics and economics, in association with an apprenticeship at a bank.
Now 4 months of this studys passed by and they aren't fun to me at all. So I'm really bummed now, how to go on. I wasted a lot of time and effort on this study now, I also moved to another town - but it's always a challenge for me to get up in the morning as I can't enjoy what I do there. Everytime I visit these forums my heart starts bleeding and I feel really pissed because I didn't decide to study CGI in the first place.
And now I'm stuck here, pursued by my parents to continue these studys, as they can't understand "how someone would want to create virtual worlds oder persons their whole lifes" - they just tell me that work can't always be fun, and I tell them - why shouldn't it be, if your passionate about it? But they won't understand.
Could you guys give me hints where to go from here now? I really don't know where to apply. If I should study, or lern for myself at home - and if I should study - where? I wouldn't know where to apply germany, and international institutes like VFS seem to be very expensive, which is why I doubt I would be able to convince my parents to help me going there. I really would like to apply to an institute where some knowledge already is mandatory as I don't want to waste money. But I also know reputation, networking and contacts are very important, maybe at the end of the day the most important thing. But if I apply somewhere I want it to be a challenge.
So you see, I'm quite dazzled and don't know what to do - so I hope to get some good advice from people in the industry.

11 November 2009, 07:25 AM
Not really sure what to say here. You are 18, and it might be time to make some of your own decisions for your life. My father was a lawyer, and desperately wanted me to take over his firm some day. I have taught CG for 10 years now, and my parents still have no clue what I do. I think my father's words last week were, "son why don't you quit that internety could still go to Law School and become a millionaire by leading my firm". I think I answered with, "I'd rather be happy Dad". In other words, if they are not willing to financially back your dreams, then figure out a way yourself.

Needless to say, I have a very biased opinion on CG school choosing. I truly believe it is a sound path (because of the degree, a good enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor [you'll need at least one], and the equipment), but school reputation and high cost institutions are insanely overrated in my opinion, with regard to CG. Most student's that succeed, I've found, simply learn the fundamentals in a few classes and pile on their drive and ambition. I've said this over a hundred times on this forum. But I bet you've never heard of IUPUI's CG Arts program, and we have many students in games, movies, professorships, CEO's, Pixar, etc. And it's all dirt cheap for the local population. Same goes for many many cheaper, lesser known programs. In other words, make a list of 10 local colleges that have CG programs, and go check them out. Sit in on a class, talk to instructors, and find the best fit and instructors. I have no idea what Germany has as far as a grant, scholarship, and loan system, but local students that go to state school's, almost go for free in the US (I think it's less than 2 grand a year at IUPUI for a state resident and that's if the student doesn't hit one of the zillions of grants or scholarships available). It's the private and out of state school's that smash you financially. I hope it's the same there...

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11 November 2009, 07:25 AM
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