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10 October 2009, 06:33 PM
Hi there!

I'm looking into getting some education in two different fields for the type of job I want to pursue in Art. Currently I'm looking at either a degree in animation, or a degree in illustration.

What I'm looking to do for a career is to be a "concept" artist. I use the word concept rather loosely though. I wish to work on the "idea" team. The guys that work out where they are going with their project. Drawing up characters, layout designs, concepts, story boarding, etc.

I'd like some direction as to what kind of training and education I would need/require to find work in that kind of position.

I'm a creative thinker that loves the use of visual demonstration to communicate my ideas. I really appreciate any advice, and suggestions. Appreciate it!

10 October 2009, 02:14 AM
Hi Alex,
We just went through a huge student portfolio review this past week, not just for our digital art program, but also they had us step in and review some of the art school students (which was a first for me). I must have heard at least 10 people say they wanted to become conceptual artists for movies and video games and there was no doubt that the art student's had our student's trumped in this area badly (though I thought the digital artists destroyed the art school in CG...shrug). Nevertheless, I started suggesting these few things or at least hearing what my colleague was saying (he drew for Disney/Cartoon Network for years before becoming a professor): 1) get a DVD from Gnomon on concept art ( it's cheap and professional and will start showing you how to draw with a digital package 2) choose an art school over an animation program for conceptual art 3) learn to draw in Photoshop and/or Painter and get into some of the challenges immediately. 4) I loved this one my friend suggested-take your laptop or cintiq/wacom to the life drawing courses and draw in Photoshop or Painter. According to him, much of the conceptual world is going to digital, because it's faster, easy to transfer around, and easy to edit. Just some suggestions....

11 November 2009, 09:29 PM

Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I completely agree, when it comes to reviewing people's submissions and making statements into becoming a "concept" artist, makes one wonder if this person is serious.

I love your suggestions and will heed them with great relish. If there is one thing to say about making such...bold statements about becoming an "artist," its that words are rather cheap to those who actually are artists, simply because they spend more time drawing and honing their craft rather than telling everyone else about it. Action always has stronger conviction than the breath of your word. Something like that anyways (LOL).

I have a huge love for the style of manga though I appreciate styles that incorporate a realism with manga than the wild exaggeration of pure manga.

This is a rather silly question, IMO. What are your suggestions on gaining a good foundation in drawing? Given I've made my statement about my wish to learn to draw the manga style but I also wish to learn other styles. What books or types of courses do you recommend that would encourage a solid foundation?

I realize that we all come into our own through looking but I would appreciate some suggestions to get some ideas.

Again, thank you MrPositive for your post. I had in mind something along those lines and your post reassures me I'm headed in the right direction - I hope so anyways LOL :D. Till next time.


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11 November 2009, 09:29 PM
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