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10 October 2009, 07:48 PM
When loading clips into the motion mixer through maxscript there seems to be no option to load list controllers (or max objects) so they are ignored. However if you manually load the clips, there is a check box you can turn on to include these options.
appendClip <track:mxtrack > <fname:string> <ZeroFootHgt:boolean> <interval:timevalue>

The specified bip file will be loaded into the new clip, and the reservoir, using the ZeroFootHeight parameter.

For layer tracks, the start of the new clip will be appended interval time from the end of the last clip in the track.
The interval variable must be >= 0.

For transition tracks, the interval parameter is ignored. The start of the new clip will be at the inpoint of the last clip in the track, and it will be on the opposite row of the last clip. It will start later if it collides with another clip.

For both layer and transition tracks, if there are no clips in the track, the new clip will start at frame 0.

Returns false if the specified file could not be loaded. Otherwise, it returns true.
loadFile <clip:mxclip> <loadOption:name> <filename:string> <ZeroFootHeight:boolean>
This loads a .bip file into a clip. loadOption must be one of the following:
#singleClip (means load the file only into this clip),
#instances (means load the file into this clip as well as all instances of this clip),
#adaptations (means load the file into this clip and all instances and adaptations of this clip).
Returns true or false, indicating whether or not the file load was successful.
Both of these methods of loading clips are missing options to load objects and list controllers.
It seems like this recent addition to the load .bip screen was either not added to maxscript, or was not documented? =/

Anyone figured out a way to load list controllers and max objects that are saved in .bip files into the motion mixer via maxscript. These are the only two methods I've found...

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10 October 2009, 07:48 PM
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