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10 October 2009, 05:29 AM
Hey everyone, first time posting and checking out this place. I figured it was definitely long overdue.

I wanted to share my reel with everyone and get some opinions if you don't mind. :)

It requires quicktime, but if you don't have that, just click here:

I've been in the industry for almost 8 years, mostly in game cinematics though. Currently I'm definitely looking for work in the SF bay area or even Seattle. Other places are always possible too, but those would be the best choices.

But really, any opinions are welcome. I'll also try to actually get more into this place.. it's just quite a bit to take in!

Thanks in advance for any and all comments!

10 October 2009, 04:58 PM
Aaahhhh BeeMovieGame, the memories !

The coolest thing about your reel is that it really shows that you have be involved in a lot of different projects :thumbsup:

10 October 2009, 08:23 PM
Hey Eric, thanks for the response! After reading that comment though, and seeing what you've worked on.. I had to comment!

First off.. Bee Movie Game! Did you make the rig for Barry? Because that is still the best character facial rig I've ever used, to this day. I'm not even joking. The morph targets made for it, were perfect, and make it move basically exactly like the movie. It's a huge reason Barry's animation looks as good as it does.. especially compared to Jeanette, which had a difficult mouth rig.

Secondly, you're at Frantic? I'm working with people right now who just came from there. Michael Spaw and Clint Thorne.. also Fred Lewis. Though I think he may have been working remotely. All good guys :)

And lastly, I checked out your reel (because I was looking to see any bee movie stuff) and wow man, you have created some really outstanding tech. My jaw was on the floor over that 2d drawing tool you made in Max. Crazy!

It would figure the very first person I connect to on here, has connections to lots of people I've worked with in the past.. and my own stuff.. Really makes me glad I signed up. Thanks alot Eric, this made my day :)

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10 October 2009, 08:23 PM
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