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10 October 2009, 07:59 AM

I am using Fusion for compositing. I want to know what is the best way of compositing 2 passes together so that when I render my second pass I have reflections of the objects from it in the reflective objects of the first. I know it might be really stupid question but I did a search and couldn't seem to find an answer for my question.

10 October 2009, 01:06 PM
It would help considerably to know more about what you have in mind: what do you envision that each of the passes would contain? "Set the stage for us" a little bit more ...

10 October 2009, 01:30 PM
Sorry, I was a bit in a hurry....

Let's say that in the first pass I have a building and a camera moving around - simple fly-trough animation. For the second pass I have a car, stopping in front of the building. I matte all other objects except the car. After that I bring the two beauty passes in Fusion and combine them. As you can guess, that way I won't have the car's reflection in the glass facade of the building. Is there a way to compose them ontop of the existing ones that were already there in the first beauty pass?
I know that I can achieve that if I make the car invisible to camera in the first pass but lets say that I didn't know that there would be a car in the composite in the first place. Or I want the cars to be something that I would like to mess with later on when I know how they will look like.

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10 October 2009, 01:30 PM
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