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08 August 2003, 12:06 PM
Hi all
I'm new to this forum, and was just looking for some feedback regarding available plugins/tools for 3dsmax, Maya and other packages.

I used to work at a major UK visual effects house (Maya/Shake/Softimage) and am now starting my own venture building plugins for the 3d market, but have no firm ideas on what plugins are needed at the mo. Does anyone have any ideas of what would be useful for budding (& professional) 3d artists?



08 August 2003, 02:12 PM
AI, ala Massive, SSS, QUICK yet accurate radiosity, Outside of Maya, Fluid Dynamic solutions. Other then the SSS that could keep you busy for a long while.
I have been playing with the AI concept for quite sometime and everytime I think I have finally found a decent solution I find that I should have used a different approach.

08 August 2003, 03:54 PM
That's the trouble. Any effective solution to a problem will probably fall down when you try to use it in a more generalistic fashion. Massive's a good example. It's great if you want to do 100,000 orcs and elves fighting, but that's about all it's good at.

sss seems to be something people are very keen on, especially FAST sss.

Space Penguin
08 August 2003, 09:30 PM

08 August 2003, 10:38 PM
Originally posted by Space Penguin
Sub-surface scattering

08 August 2003, 04:10 PM
Hi all

Cheers for the replies, very useful. Funny enough, I posted on another forum, and the main thing that came back from that was that nobody liked the 'SSS' available for most highend packages!! What about Mental Ray? Or is something more elaborate needed?

AI? As in Softimage Behaviour? What's this 'Massive' application?

All sounds good. Any comments?



08 August 2003, 02:11 AM
Originally posted by djwarder
What's this 'Massive' application? ??? You been under a rock for 5 years? It controlled the huge battle scenes in all the LOTR films!

Massive site here (

regards, Paul

08 August 2003, 02:59 PM
AI - Artificial Intelligence (as opposed to mine since I think I miss spelled it.) Massice is a very extreme but perfect example. AI can be much simpler like the ability of a rigid character to automitcally navigate a terrain path, interact with another object, particle interaction, ect...

Actually I have a rather more usefull idea, a plant generator using instancing for adding a variety of plants in the gazillions within a scene. For example I have 3 differnt pine trees and want to cover a huge hill range with them using just those three yet I don't want the polygon hit using normal cloning methods. I've been meaning to write this one myself but to lazy to even want to think about it. Even though I would kill to one like it. For those saying huh??? Try something like Maya's PaintFX where I can choose a brush holding a tree to randomly paint on an object. But instead of normal painting like in PaintFX using instancing like done with HDInstance so you don't get the polygon hit of millions of poly's.

08 August 2003, 06:59 PM
Hi again

Had a look into the ideas you have all suggested. Think the fluid dynamics idea could be do-able, but the AI system could be a very, very long-term idea!!

Just out of interest - I've never used Maya's water/ocean system at all, how does it work/how do you use it (tag areas of volume, add a plane as a sea, etc)?

Any more ideas greatly appreciated ...



08 August 2003, 09:03 AM
Q: What platforms does Massive run on?
A: Massive runs under Linux and Irix.


Sorry I needed this.
Fast riging plugin plugins are cool. Take a look at aniMan (in the character rigging section of cgtalk).
And I think there I no fast environment for Animation yet! Everyting is much to complicated. I haven't tried Motionbuilder or Animanium (+spelling) but anyway. Something new would rock. And I'm planning to do a plugin for automatically secondary motion. But if you steal my idea I'll kill you ;)

08 August 2003, 12:44 PM
Ahhh, secondary animation heh? Never thought of that!!
Only joking - really!! ;-)

Have seen these fast rigging systems out there, eg 'The Setup Machine' for LW, but not really that up to scratch with how they work.

Ta for the info tho


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