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10 October 2009, 09:41 PM
Trying to get G Buffer column in the Scene Explorer... here are the rest of my addons for anyone who wants them.

showinterface sceneexplorermanager

function gettheClass node=(return classof node)
sceneexplorermanager.addReadOnlyProperty "Class" gettheClass

function getGBuf node = (if isProperty node "gBufferChannel" then node.gbufferChannel)
function setGBuf node = (if isProperty node "gBufferChannel" then node.gbufferChannel=value)
sceneexplorermanager.addproperty "ObjectID" getGBuf setGBuf


function getVRAlpha node=(return getuserprop node "VRay_Matte_Alpha")
function setVRAlpha node value=(setuserprop node "VRay_Matte_Alpha" value)
sceneexplorermanager.addproperty "VR Alpha" getVRAlpha setVRAlpha

function getVRMatte node=(return getuserprop node "VRay_Matte_Enable")
function setVRMatte node value=(setuserprop node "VRay_Matte_Enable" value)
sceneexplorermanager.addproperty "VR Matte" getVRMatte setVRMatte

function getVRPDisplay node=(if isProperty node "display" then return node.display)
function setVRPDisplay node value=(if isProperty node "display" then node.display=value as integer)
sceneexplorermanager.addproperty "VR Proxy Display" getVRPDisplay setVRPDisplay


function getLayerName node=(return
sceneexplorermanager.addReadOnlyProperty "Layer" getLayerName

function getLayerOn node=(return node.layer.On)
function setLayerOn node value=(node.layer.on = value)
sceneexplorermanager.addproperty "Layer On" getLayerOn setLayerOn

--User Defined----------------------------------------------

function getFloorNum node = (return getUserProp node "FloorNumber")
function setFloorNum node value = (setUserProp node "FloorNumber" value)
sceneexplorermanager.addproperty "Floor Number" getFloorNum setFloorNum

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