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View Full Version : maya scale tool troubles....:(

10-10-2009, 10:27 PM
please see the images below..all three cylinders have their pivots in the middle..i am trying to scale the selected edges together but when i select all of them & use the scale tool..the edges on the right & left cylinders are pulled towards the middle..how do i scale it in such a way that the scaling affects each cylinder individually so that the edges are pulled towards the center of the individual cylinders & not towards the centre of all three.....i do not want to scale them one by one..

http://www.imgx.org/thumbs/small/49213_1pwod/A.jpg (http://www.imgx.org/view/full/49213_1pwod)
http://www.imgx.org/thumbs/small/49214_bhjbm/B.jpg (http://www.imgx.org/view/full/49214_bhjbm)

10-11-2009, 05:20 AM
Extrude the edges that you want to scale in, then use the extrude manipulator to scale them inward, using the Z Axis (blue)


10-11-2009, 06:53 AM
thanx but isn't there any way to use the scale tool directly? because every time i have to scale i'll have to go back & extrude out faces..

10-11-2009, 08:01 AM
thanx but isn't there any way to use the scale tool directly? because every time i have to scale i'll have to go back & extrude out faces..

No. When you have a selection like that, Maya averages each item selected and puts the manipulator at the center. There is the transform component tool, but it's a one-selection at a time tool.

In this case, just make one screw and duplicate when you're done.

10-11-2009, 05:04 PM
thanx for the replies...i've found that if we go to the scale tool settings & check the "Component use object pivot" option i can scale the edges w.r.t each objects centre instead of just pulling them towards the centre of the three......don't know if it will work in every case though...

now i have another question...suppose i have a complex object in which i've performed a lot of splits, extrusions etc..now this object has not been rotated...the scale tool's axes are 90 degress to each other...sometimes, when i move the vertices of such an object so that the object is no longer lying on a plane but is a bit inclined, i've seen that the scale tool doesnot reorient themselves...suppose the object is at a 45 degree angle...the scale tool will still be in the same original position, now if i scale the object it gets distorted..is there any way to rotate the scale tool so that it is aligned with the object?

ok here is a screenshot-http://www.imgx.org/thumbs/small/49383_gjotv/untitled_1.jpg (http://www.imgx.org/view/full/49383_gjotv)
notice how the object is inclined but the scale tool isn't...now if i scale the selected edges in the y- axis notice what happens- http://www.imgx.org/thumbs/small/49384_4qyzn/untitled_2.jpg (http://www.imgx.org/view/full/49384_4qyzn)
i can only scale in all the axes together...is there a solution to this or have i done something wrong?

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