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10 October 2009, 10:03 PM
Hi people...
I basically want to create an animation in which an armada of battleships is sailing through the ocean, with fighter jets and hilicopters flying overhead... For this I am using 3 highly detailed 3D objects... I battleship I built and created myself in C4D... And a Helicopter and Jet Fighter model I purchased off TurboSquid (native format for these was .3ds).
First let me say I am working on Windows 64 bit with 6 gig of RAM.


The problem is... The scene in Vue can barely handle a single boat and helicopter.... Adding in 3 boats even gave me the message saying something along the lines of ''the detail in this scene exceeds the system memory and will have to run slower''... So obviously I am at a bit of a problem considering I would like a whole armada of boats and choppers/ jets.
As I said, all 3 models are quite detailed...
Is there any way I can somehow reduce the quality of them all so Vue has no problem running with (and animating) the many models? (However of course I'd like the final render to still retain all the detail)...
I presume this issue lies in my graphics card and it's ability to run the 'preview'... So I presume once I find a way of reducing the quality in the preview (kinda like how the quality of the eco system in the preview is extremely simple) then this issue will be resolved... The question is... How DO I reduce the quality?

Thanks in advance..

10 October 2009, 08:05 AM
You will have no chance animating large detailed objects in Vue. It will crash on you. Unfortunately you must decrease your poly count. that is the only way. also, always keep everything in the viewport in wireframe box and eliminate all other effects such as show clouds fog in view. but even that will not help much. try to animate and keep the main heavy objects inside the other application such as maya or max and then import/build the vue scene around it. you have a chance with the vue atmosphere to work and have a battle in the sky play out, but don't count on doing complex stuff in xStream. it usually is a headache, at least inside Maya

hope this bit of advice helps

10 October 2009, 07:19 AM
What you can think of are two things.

#1 When you have many high detailed items in a scene, are you coming close enough to all of them to see al the details? Or is it just your ambition to do what you try?

#2 Because the problem is mostly graphic display related (OpenGL) you can try to reduce this. either by switching the item representations to wireframe or wireframe box either or - more interesting probably - try to use the items only as ecosystems (with just one item in them). Ecosystem instances are represented as billboards and therefore do not use as much display memory as "real" objects does.

10 October 2009, 09:57 PM
I have used and animated ship models ov over 1 million polys in Vue, fyi :)

MY ships are made in Rhino, I fillet almost everything now, for when I want high detail, so that means, with Rhino's poor mesh making, they have huge poly counts. Since I take such time to UV map and texture I cnanot afford to make a high and low rez versions as getting the UV maps ot be the same..ugh, no thanks!!

I import them in sections inside Vue, layer by layer, withut moving anything. Vue, alas, has a tendency to choke to death on anything with more than 200k polys at a time, hence, import in pieces, also let sme UV map much easier as the sections have less parts than the whole item.

when complete, I group it all, save as a Vue object, then losd the Vue object back in, tweak the materials, then save again as vue object

this lets me get maximum effciency. I can also tweak the materials to reduce resources being used up.
Also note my tutorial on psoer imports ot Vue, same things paply to any app, regarding size and number of texures and mats!

and get yourself a 64 bit PC with a lto of RAM, it helps a ton ;)

Hammership with, iirc, 1,200,000 polys. My art isn't meant to be "realistic", but believable in it's own right, fyi.

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