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10 October 2009, 08:23 PM
Hi my name is Michael Tierney. I am a senior at UC Santa Cruz in the Game design major. This year as part of my major I am pitching a game idea and would like to invite any artists who are interested to assist in the creation of the game. Here are the specifications of the game:

Title: Tetryon
Type: 3D First Person Platformer in a model of Portal
Genre: Psycho-thriller puzzle game
License: Open Source Non-commercial
Platform: Windows and Linux using Ogre3D + Bullet Physics
Game Concept: In Tetryon the player takes on the role of a mental asylum patient who awakes from a coma inside the mental asylum in a post-apocalyptic world. However, this mental asylum was used to make its patients go insane. The player discovers he can create gravitational distortions and subspace effects and can use them to make his way out of the asylum to whatever freedom awaits him outside. The player will have to use these distortions to solve puzzles and make his way through the levels while also maintaining his/her cool during psycho-thriller aspects including sound effects with no source and subspace pockets in which everything goes grayscale and the player is susceptible to audial and visual hallucinations in the game.

What I'm looking for: Concept Artists, 3D artists, Animators, Level Designers, Sound Effect Artists

Here is a specific breakdown of what I would need from each

Concept artists:

Concept drawings of the weapon model and level props including turrets and a creepy cat and a cat turret

3D artists and animators:

Weapon model with animations including hand models.
Level Props: Mental Asylum objects, stretchers, tables, office objects, turrets w/ animations, computers, tvs, creepy cat, and cat turret
(not needed for project now but if I have the time and enough artists) Full player model

Level Designers:

Experience with GTKRadiant and the BSP map format. Blender and other 3D modeling programs that can export to a BSP map format is fine as well.

Sound Effect Artists:

- Crows
- Footsteps of the player
- Whispers
- Door sounds
- any other sound effect that occurs in the game world

If you are interested in contributing to this project please email me at (

I realize that most artists here do not want to commit to a project that hasn't been greenlit yet but If you would like to work on this project if it gets greenlit please email me and give me your information along with a letter of conditional commitment if possible. Also email me or respond to this thread if you have anymore questions about the project.

Obviously because this project is a student project and a open source non-commercial project (open source license applies to the code base not art created by artists. IP of the art belongs ultimately to the artist and VegaFox Games in joint) I cannot offer any payment for art assets created.

I hope to work with you!
UCSC Senior
Computer Game Design
VegaFox Games

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