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Northern Ireland: 1983 is based primarily around the early 80's, and as the project's name would suggest, is based in Northern Ireland for the majority of the levels. We chose to work with the early 80s, and The Troubles in Northern Ireland as a backdrop for the modification for a number of reasons.

Firstly, using the 1980's as a time period gives us an interesting era of technology - its a weird combination of old, and new stuff, particularly in regards to the military - along with the media, and overall feeling at the time. Barely a year before the mod is set the Argentinians invaded the Falklands, and in the few years around it the USSR was becoming increasingly jumpy at the Reagan Administrations operations - for example, the Able Archer 83 program which simulated a nuclear attack on the USSR by NATO.

Secondly, Northern Ireland is overlooked in regards to games - its easy to see why, of course, but when you take into account that there are/were several books, films, and music written on the Troubles, you can't exactly say that there can't be something produced on the subject by a mod team, or studio. Not least, the heavy bias that is present in these areas of media is very much apparent, and is never in the middle ground, its either black or white - which we all know isn't how history works out.

Thirdly, its an era that often overlooked at the moment in games/mods - often been based on the 90's, or future conflict, which is a shame due to the wealth of media that can be used to make the project stand out, and make it something more interesting to play than a standard FPS.

I would like to reiterate - we are making every effort to make this project as unbiased as possible, and are not trying to cause offence to anyone, what we're trying to highlight is important events that are overlooked outside of the UK, and to a lesser extent, the US.

Crytek GmbH's Cryengine 2

We decided to work with Cryengine2 for a number of reasons. Firstly, the much larger areas available for use in gameplay - this is vital for a game that we're trying to bill as a large, open attack style game. Secondly, the higher levels of geometry allow us more detail - as you can see from the below weapons, than say, Source. 6K polygons, for the most part, is more than enough for most weapons you could say. Thirdly, the environmental settings allowed us to really use the engine to its limit, displaying Ireland, the UK, and elsewhere to the full extent of the Cryengine's power - it ain't just good with Jungle ya know. Finally, its got a fairly large, and able, modding community available, which allows questions about the engine, or possibilities to be quickly dealt with, and even better, improved by the community.

Northern Ireland: 1983 focuses on several aspects of gameplay. In single player mode, it can be described as a realistic/tactical shooter - you have to get used to your weapons, and surroundings if you want to last long, and from a bit of mucking around with damages with standard crysis, its already looking like it might have a difficulty curve like an absolute beast.
It focuses primarily upon the fear that was ever present - when, and if, an attack could happen, and what happens when stuff starts to go wrong, particularly during the Cold War.

The multiplayer focuses more on the standard FPS fare, with it featuring Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Intel, and VIP Protection - all standard enough game modes. For the most part, these levels are complete, along with the majority of the set up. They just need the weapons, player models, and a bit of testing to be done and they should be complete. Probably about 2 months in total, except for the weapons to be done. ;)

1983. The height of The Troubles, and the Cold War. Northern Ireland, and in particular County Armagh and County Down, have been wracked by recent attacks on the RUC, the Army, and the civilian populace. According to Intelligence reports, this is believed to be due to a recent split in the Provisional IRA, with the hardliners forming their own paramilitary organisation: The Ultach Fuascailt Armtha, or the Ulster Liberation Army. You take the role of 29 year old Sgt. John Casey, a member of The Increment, a shadowy black ops unit comprised of SAS, SBS, and Intelligence operatives set up in the early 70s to deal with threats against the crown, and NATO. The Increment's Blue Team have been dispatched to the province in an attempt to cripple the new splinter group by tracking down and eliminating or capturing their leadership before there are further attacks, via any means nessecary. The threat has to be eliminated before it is too late. Failure is not an option.

Accurate portrayal of Northern Ireland -
Bias, is a problem with all media, and in particular, Northern Ireland. Were hoping that we can create something which shows Northern Ireland during the Troubles as unbiased as we can, with the environment, and the circumstances surrounding the Troubles being explored as much as possible.
Over 30 Weapons -
Were trying to implement a wide array of weapons for the player to use in the modification possibly one of the largest number of weapons in a crysis modification. Each weapon has its own particular values, and will be useful in certain situations, while being not as effective in others.
Interaction with NPCs -
NPCs play an important part in the modification, creating depth of character, advancing the story, and making the characters more realistic, not 2-dimensional.
Realism -
We are attempting to make this as realistic as possible, with the damage done to an NPC with a specific weapon, the weapon itself, the vehicles, the NPCs, the reaction from NPCs in regards to what you do, and how you act in certain areas. Also, we are trying to make it as believable as possible how people act, the reasons behind their actions, are all given form.
Compelling Storyline -
The idea is to make the storyline as realistic, and as possible, as we can. This will hopefully keep the player interested, and keep playing the modification.
Large, complex Areas -
We hope to implement large swathes of farmland similar to that of County Armagh, along with that of a metropolis London, Londonderry, Belfast are just some of the areas that are in mind in the current plot.
Vehicles -
We also hoping to implement as many of the vehicles that were available in the early 80's as possible, for use either by the computer to transport the player, or, for the player to actively use, from APCs, to Landrovers, to Ford Escorts, to Harrier Jump Jets.
Different angles to approach an objective -
Does the player go for stealth option, go in guns blazing, or do they snipe from a-far? You could take many angles to get into a town over the fields, for example, or different routes to get to the objective.
Intelligent AI -
The new AI system is designed to serve a challenge to the player - taking up cover, moving to engage the player, and is more than capable of using the terrain to its advantage.
Weight Mechanics -
What the player carries effects how they move, and how mobile they are. This includes having the choice to don body armour, for while it gives a protection against small arms fire, it slows down the user so the choice to be armoured, yet slow, or un-armoured , but more nimble, has to be a choice the player makes. This is also reflected in the weapons, and even the magazines the player carries.


Your work is your own:
This project isn't produced under any form of NDA, so your work is free to use in Portfolios, or other work - I'd prefer it if you just used your work in portfolios, but thats your decision to make.
A large, friendly, dedicated team:
We're a large, international team, numbering about 25 active members, and are more than cap Do work when you're available to:able of working with new people and work hard to include new guys.
Do work when you're able to:
I understand that people are busy, and have their own lives - this is a volunteer project after all - and you don't have to work 24/7 hammering stuff out for the project, just when you're able to. Of course, if you're able to spend more time, then please do, as it allows us to increase development time.
Possible future employment/compensation:
We've been looking at working with Techland using their Chrome 4 Engine, which will likely began production over the next year or so - to be honest, its still fairly uncertain on that front unfortunately.

Doubtless, you want to see some past work from us - which is fair enough, and I can understand entirely why.

You can find the vast majority of our work on our ModDB page:

We're doing an update this evening/tommorow morning to showcase more recent stuff, just to let you know. You'll also be able to find several images on our site once i've finished uploading images to our galleries there:


We're looking for individuals who have the following skills:

3D Artists (Organic/Environmental/Weapons)
Texture Artists (Organic/Environmental/Weapons)
Level Designers (Sandbox2 for Crysis guys!)
Coders (Flash/LUA/C++/Actionscript)
Concept Artists (Environmental/Organic)
Animators (Organic, Vehicle, Weapon)
Sound Artists (Composer)

If you have one of those skills, please contact me via, or via posting in this thread. Also, please can you link to some of your past work, so that we know what kind of work you're available for, or best asked to do.


Our Site:

Thanks for taking your time to read that, I know it was rather long, and I look forward to hearing from anyone who might be interested in giving a hand. :thumbsup:


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