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09-30-2009, 11:18 PM
Hi, Caleb is my name. I'm looking to go to college in two years; this year is my junior year.

I have just began to mess with this stuff in Maya, I've just finished my first nurb model of a head, and did a little animation that made his head spin, couldn't figure out polygon modeling..
obviously you already know I basically have zero experience, and my texture keeps going away every time I save it and re-open it, upsetting me; anyone know why it'd do that? :banghead:

But anyways, I was wondering if someone could recommend a school(s) (two or three, maybe four) that I should look into. I was looking at the Gnomon High End program until I read they only accept 24 students. $ is not an issue with me, I don't care if I'm in debt for the rest of my life. Any help is much appreciated.

10-01-2009, 03:32 AM
1. Ringling. Widely considered to be top notch in animation with the emphasis on 3d.
2. Calarts: Very strong animation program,but major emphasis seems to be 2d.
3. Gnomon: Does not grant degrees per se. You only get certificates. Strong in 3d Modeling and gives broad training for animation pipeline. NOt as hard to get into as statistics make it appear. YOu should definitely apply if you are interested in their program.
4. RIT: Strong program in animation,but seems to focus on technical side of animation
5. SVA: Somewhat similar to RIT. Also has a very strong reputation on the east coast.
6. Animation mentor. This is solely an online program that focuses heavily on character animation and NOT any other part of the animation pipeline. IN addition, no 3d modeling. Unless you are sure about doing character animation, it might not be a good fit. However, if you specifically want character animation, it could be a terrific place to be .
7. USC: Don't know much about their program for undergrad.

Caveat: All of this is based on reputation. Other than Gnomon, which my daughter had some experience with, I don't personally know about any of these program other than by reputation. You should check out these programs for yourself and see whether my information is still correct.

10-01-2009, 05:32 PM

The schools taxguy suggested are great. Most of those are mainly on the West Coast. A few others to consider are Full Sail, DAVE School, Vancouver Film School (top Canadian visual effects school), Sheridan, any Art Academy school, and also consider on-line schools. Also, some international schools are just as great & are worth mentioning, if you felt like traveling. Most of the schools mentioned here and from taxguy have similiar courses in 3d training. Location can be an issue.

Please note that these schools are not for the wayward mind. You really have to be passionate in this industry. These schools are not your typical University. People from all over the world go to these schools, most of which already have some college degree. I myself already had a degree before I applied.

If a person is coming out of high school, I recommend a regular community college or university first. Not to deter one who is whole-heatedly committed to one of these suggested schools, but a regular university will better prepare you for these specialized schools. One will have a good foundation in the traditional studies and thus give you a better understanding of where your skills lie.

Do lots and lots of research so that you don't regret any impulsive decisions. On that note, that also says something about which school is right for you. If animation is your thing, than look for schools that specialize in animation. Most schools you inquire of will have some sort of course on every topic, but whether that school has advanced training in that specific field is worth looking into.

That's my advice.

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