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09 September 2009, 11:58 AM
Hello everyone, my name is Stuart and im pretty new to anything 3D to be honest! However, I am very interested in it and want to get better.

I am currently taking a national diploma in Games Development at college and i'm in the second year. We have just started lessons in 3D Modelling and 3D environments with 3DS Max. This is the area of the industry that i want to pursue, the animation and 3D modelling side of the industry (Not especially relating to games but maybe Film or TV).

The advice that i ask of is to do with my art skills. I want to take a course in 3D modelling and Animation in Games at university, (I am looking at derby and some others) but i worry that i do not have the drawing skills to do this! We take one lesson a week in concept art at college but i am worrying that this would not be enough to get me into university. I am trying to persuade the 'rents to pay for an additional night course at my college - AS level Art & Design, but i cannot guarantee the outcome of the situation aha. What I am wondering is, do you have to be an exceptional artist when it comes to pen and paper to pursue a job in this field, or get into university, or can i simply develop the work inside the 3D program?

- I am new to all the 3D modelling tools but i have created a 3D environment, which i will upload a picture of, and we are currently sketching a frontal and side view of our characters which we will import into 3DS Max and transform these into 3D characters. We have also created a "guardian helmet" which i will upload a photo of soon too.

If anyone can help, thanks in advance

09 September 2009, 10:34 PM
Hi Stuart

The simple answer is without seeing your artwork, nobody can advise you correctly. A longer answer would be the only person who can definitely tell you if your work is good enough are the lecturers who would be looking at your work in the interview. Many animation degrees in the UK are very poor and will let you in on the course without even seeing your work because they are desperate for students. So you could get into one of those easily. If you want to go to a good animation course, you will almost certainly need high quality life drawing, concept art, perspective drawing etc. If you can't afford extra teaching in drawing, you can still improve your work just by drawing constantly everyday - if you do a google search for "Andrew Loomis PDF" you might find some very useful books about learning how to draw... Successful Drawing is one particularly useful book by Loomis. Having said that, nothing beats actual life drawing from the model. Good luck.

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09 September 2009, 10:34 PM
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