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09 September 2009, 09:48 PM
hello all,

I've recently tried my hand at normal mapping.

I did my research and tried to experiment with a simple object and a simple normal map to see what would happen.

i just took a standard brush and painted it around a sphere to see if i could get a normal map to work unfortunately my ignorance showed and it failed pretty badly

the sphere was uv mapped in max and exported as a .obj using the zbrush preset. i brought the sphere into zbrush and clicked on the zmapper button. The first thing i noticed is im missing the ui for zmapper. most of my googling suggest that i need to adjust settings in the ui but i cant seem to find it?:surprised I can use hotkeys and decided to press c(capture i guess?) it made a normal map apparently so i exported that to .bmp

but when i loaded it into max using a standard material and normal bump in the bump slot i got ugly results which weren't anything like my test in zbrush one of the hemispheres of the sphere

this side is closer to the result in zbrush

This side is a lot darker and uglier than i expected :blush:
also there is a very noticeable seam on the sides.

any advice on how to set up normal maps to look closer to what i see in zbrush? Also how can i bring up the zmapper ui so i can play with the settings? and how to remove seams that may show up on my normal maps.

Also, if you have the time whats the difference between tangent, world, and local space as it applys to normal maps? I read a very wordy technical explanation of them on the zbrush website but it blew my mortal mind :eek:

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09 September 2009, 09:48 PM
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