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09 September 2009, 03:01 PM
Please use this thread to post a link to the model rigs you wish to make avaiable for this challenge.
The rigs can be done in any format, but if you use a model from our collection you will need to give credit to the original modeler. BUT if a entry uses your rig, they will have to give credit to the creator of the rig.

So for those who wish to share their rigging assets please follow these instructions:

For each of the rigs you wish to share you need to:

Write a text document with the following text:
"Model name (c) 2009 Original artist name"
Rig Name |(c) 2009 YOUR NAME "
These models are not being put on the public domain.
They were specifically created for this mini challenge."
Compress and Encrypt the rig using a password, and dont forget to add a text file with the disclaimer posted above.
Upload the rig in a web server. If you dont have one, use an a web service like
Create a 200X 200 still of the rigged model
Show the rig RIGHT here on this thread:
Just post:

Rig Type (Character/Vehicle):
Name of model creator:
Animation link (Voluntary)

And that is that.
If anyone wished to use your rig they need to:

Post a WIP thread
Send you a PM requesting the password for the encrypted document.

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09 September 2009, 03:01 PM
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