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05 May 2002, 12:59 PM

How would I go about making a colour map for a hand?

Its hard with all the subtle colour variation with pink creases, bluey veins and spots and jesus, theres too much detail to paint for a novice texturer. Where do you start? :D

Is there anywhere out there (on the web) that has hi-res photos of hands?

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

05 May 2002, 01:29 PM
Hmmmm yeah hands are a really really tough one. I have no idea where to find any online resources either :shrug: Sorry...
Why not try taking pics of your own hand?
Painting the maps isn't actually as hard as you may think though. The thing is that they do take time, and care.
For my challenge character this month I painted all the maps for the hands. Although they did take quite a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make (the bump map alone took me a bout 6 hours of painstaking painting), I think it came out rather well.
Even though it's not really an everyday healthy hand, I did paint loads of subtle colour variations just as a healthy, living hand would have - except here it is dead. But essentially the map detail is the same - it's just the colours that change. If I was to take the colour map for this and change it to peachy hues, it would probably worked well as a normal hand.

05 May 2002, 02:05 PM
Thanks Leigh

I tried taking a photo of my hand but its got hairs on it ;) I didnt feel like shaving them either :hmm:.

okay, looks like i'll just have to sweat it out manually. I was hoping there might be some texturing secret that took all the hardwork out ;)

Heres a pic of my model i'm going to texture. you can see a start to a bump map on the ring finger - but its way too small in depth at the moment,

05 May 2002, 02:25 PM
Okay cool. The best way to start is to probably do 2 seperate planar UV unwraps on the Y axis - one for the top, one for the bottom. Then just go from there..
You are gonna hate doing those finger wrinkles - they take AGES to get right :annoyed: I sat for hours doing layer after layer, blurring bits here and there, and trying to get the right blend for the bumps for those wrinkles - they nearly drove me mad :insane:
Post an update when you have one :)
Also, won't you take down the size of your jpgs - they take ages to load for me :sad:

05 May 2002, 05:47 AM
Okay, i've done my UV unwraps the way you suggested, its much cleaner than what i had before (cylindrical maps for each of the fingers then planar maps for the rest).

Just in aniticipation of problems - what technique do you use to tackle seams?

(I'd post some updates but my website has gone all poo, maybe i'll do an attachment later. cheers)

05 May 2002, 05:56 AM
Hey, Leigh. What do you suppose the chances are of you posting an image of the bump map you used? I would really like to see how you articulated all the subtle folds and creases. I have a hard time imagining what my bump map is going to turn out like.

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