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09 September 2009, 06:01 PM
Acropora, a voxel modeling software developed by Voxelogic, is now in its alpha phase and is ready for download. The demo software is fully functional albeit with export functionality disabled. 250 MB of tutorials and projects are also available for download.

We are looking for input in this relatively new field of voxel modeling, so please download and test your imagination with voxels! (

A procedural modeler, Acropora combines volumetric modifiers with multi-octave 3D noise sampling to generate detailed surfaces in far less time than conventional surface modeling software. Acropora adopts a less deterministic approach to generating complex, organic shapes by applying sequences of modifiers on large voxelized meshes. The effect is to create an endless, seamless expanse of surface that undulates and changes in a natural way. The resulting meshes can contain caves, ridges, overhangs and other natural features that are not possible with height maps.

Just some of the features available:

A variety of base shapes including sphere, plane, cylinder, torus and others.
Compound shapes (heightmaps, pillars, caves, weaves)
Voxelisation of user imported models (.3DS, .FBX, COLLADA, .OBJ)
Mesh export to .3DS, .FBX, COLLADA, .OBJ
User-specified volume block and voxel dimensions.
Over 40+ volume modifiers
Automatic generation of up to 15 octaves of noise (user-programmable settings include orientation, strength, quality, frequency, phase, and range of influence)
Extensive voxel and noise editing tools
Batch processing
Multiple LOD support
Seamless joining of adjacent meshes
Mesh decimation, smoothing and tesselation.
Mesh filtering and vertex blending tools
Ambient occlusion
FX effect file support and multitexturing
Multithreaded CPU support and GPU acceleration (on supported cards)

10 October 2009, 10:45 PM
A 30-day fully functional evaluation version of Acropora is now available for download here:

Corrections and bug fixes:
- Corrected problems related to contour processing stability (general stability problems, seed point determination)
- Corrected problems related to voxelizing imported models.
- Updated import/export libraries.
Addition and improvements:
- Added cave system modifier (builds a cave system under a terrain or inside any object).
- Added source / sink modifier.
- Added pyramid base shape and geometrical modifier.
- Added blend parameter for regions (ROI). Softens the change across abrupt ROI boundaries.
- Added filter control within region boundaries (modifiers can affect the entire region, or only inside or outside any solid defined within the region volume).
- Save / load templates.
- Added additional control parameters to terrain modifiers (Mountains, river/canyon, badlands, hilly terrain)

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