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08 August 2003, 08:47 AM
For those of you who don't know me, let me introduce myself!

My name is Kris Smith, though I post as ďLegionaireJoeĒ on the forums I frequent (Polycount (, here at ( and the Atari UT2003 boards ( Iím currently attending university with plans to major Industrial Design, but games are my passion; I canít remember a time when I havenít been playing games. Iíve done lots of research, read books, and spoken with people in the industry about game design and for the last six months Iíve spent almost all of my free time conceptualizing and writing a story with a fellow artist who happens to be a good friend of mine. So without further adieu, I present Unreal Fantasy.

Introduction (Excerpt from the Design Doc) (

Zelle is a desolate world, the land scared almost as much as its warriors. For centuries the magic wielding Echnir have controlled the planet, keeping the free-spirited Dwellers and their mechanical contraptions restrained and in control.

Mael is a young dweller Razorbike racer. After taking second in the Dweller Razor Tournament and wielding a Ripblade specially designed for him by his uncle, he leaves town with the ďTriadĒ Razorbike gang, led by the legendary Malcolm, and sets out on a journey to become the best.

Maelís plans are soon turned upside down when a young girl solicits their protection. Constantly pursued by Xondo, the High Priest of Echnir, Maelís past unfolds to reveal the fate of all life as we know it. Will Mael run from his destiny, or will he rise to meet it?

The goal of this project is to literally make something unreal: take the traditional Japanese console RPG style game and infuse elements of the Unreal Universe into it. Just for the record, Epic Games has given their permission to use their intellectual property for this non-commercial project. A lot of personal research and studying with regards to RPG game design has been done, as well as analyzing and learning about the wide variety of RPGs available on the console systems, including the older NES & SNES games. This project has also been on the forefront of my mind everyday for the last six months, so I'm determined to see it through.

This latest iteration of the Unreal engine has SO many possibilities, yet the potential is so often ignored and we end up with tons of Counter-Strike clones. This is one of my main driving goals for this project. Create something amazing, something that cannot only be called a game, but can be called a piece of art; an experience like none other.

Iíll humbly say Iím no wiz at coding or scripting, but I can get my head around the concepts behind the basics of programming. Iíve set up a forum and have a very simple (I stress very simple) site up which links to the forum and the IRC channel. Iím not the greatest when it comes to HTML & website stuff, so weíre definitely in need of a webmaster. Iíd also like to stress that Iím not just some ďidea man.Ē I model, map, texture, and do conceptual work. Iím also 110% committed to see this to completion.

The forums can be found here: Unreal Fantasy Site (

If you register, please ignore the error message. I donít know how to fix that, sorry.

Here is just a bit of the work Iíve done:

Ripblade Design (
Ripblade Designs (
Ripblade Explained (
Ripblade Model (
Necris Lord (

Iíve done some other modeling, but I want to give people the opportunity to have a say in how the game is designed before anything is set in stone.

This was a very quick repaint in Photoshop over my friends sketch:

Malcolm Concept (

This mod is not about winning the "Make Something Unreal" contest, though I'm hoping that a good sized demo will be complete by the February deadline, but what itís really about is having a lot of fun, pushing ourselves artistically & creatively, and finishing a project that we can proudly call our own. Itís about quality and fun, and if by meeting the contest deadline means that we loose all those elements, then I feel we can disregard the contest and take the time to finish the game right (though I'd still like to see us make it into the contest with a demo).

Weíre looking for a full team:

Character Modelers
Texture Artists
Concept Artists (Character, Mechanical, & Environmental)
Mappers/Environmental Artists
Music Composers
Sound Engineers
Website Engineer

There really isnít a need to make some super elaborate team hierarchy where people can become overly sensitive and dramatic because theyíre not the Assistant Associate Director of Internal Development. Whoop-Dee-Feckiní-Do. We all need to step up to the plate and do what we do best. Thatís all I ask.

This is a learning experience for everyone and I hope we learn lots, have a great time and make a great game doing so! Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Iíll catch ya on the flip side!

-Kris Smith

I can be reached on:
AIM - LegionaireJoe

Dancing Monkey
08 August 2003, 12:23 AM
Wow. You seem very intent on making this game a reality. I'd enjoy working on something like this and I can offer my services as a building modeler at least. That's my best area of 3D. You probably wouldn't want me modeling characters, unless you want uber-low poly models. My buildings can be low-poly and/or high-poly. I seem to excell at high though (somewhere around 6,000 polys or so most times :D ). I guess that could also be considered low-poly to some, but I've had some hit ten-thousand or higher.

Also, I'm really into doing landscapes for these types of games. I've recently been doing some medieval city projects where I model the buildings and put them together to make a nice big city with outer fortifications and such... it's fun, so I thought I could have fun with that with this project.

If you need any samples made, tell me.

EDIT: One big note: I do not texture, or atleast you won't want me texturing. I'm horrible at it. I'm trying to get better, but for this project, I don't plan on doing too much in that area.

08 August 2003, 06:37 AM
Let me clear few this up!

This is a mod?
Are you considering making this a comercial game?
This mod/game will use Unreal Engine?
Will you enter the mod in Make something unreal competition?

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