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09 September 2009, 08:11 PM
I'm quite new to blender and recently been playing with the animation side of blender. However I have had a few problems and any hints/tips would be appreciated.

What I was aiming to try to do was to (for fun mostly) make a short (30sec at the most) clip of 3 sceans in TV quality.

I was hoping if it worked well to be able to in the future mess around and either through a TV out (or DVD direct, if I ever find some money). Copy the clip to a tape/DVD.

The problem I've been having with this is that once I have made the 3 sceans I decided assuming that AVI raw would be the most supported (if wasteful of space) to render each scene then put them together in blenders sequence editor and make a final complete clip.

The problem occurs in that so far on my attempts one of the scenes will render but the others get replaced with black space. Pre-render 3d preview will run fine but the render itself and the sequence editors preview option after the render/join will replace 2 of the 3 scenes with blackness.

I have tried some other (trial) joiners and mergers and they come up with invalid AVI's or bit errors etc. (Sorry, late here and been doing much of the rendering on my brothers faster computer and only the modelling on this one so unable to give you the exact type or error messages by those programs).

So to (finally) get to the point what is the trick to joining scenes in blender? Am I doing anything obviously wrong or is there a better way? I have looked for information but mostly only found how to create a single scene or how to make the movements in the modelling process.

Also is there a decent recommened format/plugin for getting high quality graphics but lower size than with raw AVI's thats compatable with blender (or a free/opensource converter)?

I apologise if this sounds like a bit of a simplistic request but any replys here would be apprciated.

I'm running:
Win98SE (With access to XP and dual boot for Debian tho lacks blender installation as yet).
Latest windows blender binary.
750mhz, GeForce MX 2.

Thanks in advance,

09 September 2009, 09:38 PM
recently i had to deal with the sequence editor for a project. i used image sequences (numbered targas), which are handeled withour problems. so best rerender your scenes, set the file output to tga (targa), and import these sequences into the sequence editor. for rendering the final output, press the "Do sequence" button in the render panel - this assures that blender doesn't render the 3D scene but only what's in the sequence editor.

09 September 2009, 09:39 PM
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09 September 2009, 07:12 AM
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