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09 September 2009, 06:11 PM
Hello guys. I am new in the forums and from what i've seeen so far from it and the site too is beyond description.. i was really impressed when i first visited with the paintings and the community as a whole and now i visit every day. I see there are a lot of very good artists here and very polite and helpful on top of that so here is my issue..

I started art as a hobby just recently. I feel very intrigued by art and was an admirer for many years.. I'm studying japanese culture and society and with the japanese being a very visual society I am surrounded by art all the time. So i decided that i want to learn.. i tried do design my own kind of learning curve but it seems that all the popular materials are too high level for me.. after all i can't start doing gnomon workshop stuff when i can't even shade properly in free hand drawing. So i started with what seemed the easiest to me and that was Riven Phoenix's "The Structure of Man" which is really very user friendly and i understand the concepts and ideas in it without feeling lost. However, sometimes when i gotta shade some muscle tissue in those lessons or something i face problems because i don't really know the technique behind shading even tho it is simple with just a pencil .. So seing how helpful you all are i come here for advice .. and i think others can benefit from this too.. Can u share some kind of learning curve that i can follow .. from where to start which is more important figure drawing/nature/color/light and what can follow what until i can do things like yours in maya/photoshop/zbrush etc. I can't attend classes in person but i can do whatever through internet so any help will be greatly appreciated.

LOL that turned out a lot longer than i expected .. so thanks in advance and all the best

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09 September 2009, 06:11 PM
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