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09 September 2009, 08:32 PM
my problem is as simple as this:

-I create a new scene
-Load a preset infinite terrain
-do a quick camera animation over a length of terrain using the animation wizard and -airplane preset or something similar.
-set up animation render options and render to images (targa's or tiff's usually.)


i go back and watch the sequence through quicktime and the grass texture at times seems to slip in and slide around or even flicker as the camera moves closer.

any ideas on what I am doing wrong??

thanks for your time!

I've tried rendering on final, preview, and broadcast as well., no luck.

09 September 2009, 04:36 AM
Possibility 1:

Vue Fact: Geometry of the procedural terrain is refined and updated around the camera.

materials controlled by:
settings in the environment tab of a layered material,
distribution settings of a mixed material,
or similar controls available directly as functions based primarily on slope,

will re-evaluate and change as the geometry is increased, causing the material distribution to change.

Increasing the quality boost, in the procedural tab of the terrain editor, could correct this error, although it will increase render times.

Possibility 2:

The material is controlled by the inaccurate number output of the 2nd output roughness of the procedural terrain.

Current Vue Bug: All number outputs from graphs are incorrect.

If the material distribution is being controlled by this number, it could possibly cause issues.

There are two solutions, a work-around, and math correction.
The math correction is quicker, but unreliable when the bug is fixed.

Math Correction: Multiply the number output by 2 and subtract 1.
(This conversion will work before the output, or after the input. Only run the math once, and on one end of the function)

The work-around: Use the 2nd output roughness number output, of the procedural terrain, as part of a vector output. Add a new custom dependency output node, and output the vector.
After receiving the vector in the material graph, it needs to be broken back down into a number.

Nodes to use for the workaround:
Math Node > Composer 3
Math Node > Decomposer 3

More information about this can be found in the snowFlaKe manual for the NGOS and NGOC metanodes. PDF can be downloaded from this page under the "Stay up to date" section,
Page: 35

Note: Correcting this bug will modify the look of the material, and it may need to be adjusted.

Although this seems unlikely, many infinite terrains use this output to control the material, and since it is bugged, it may cause issues.


Which preset are you using?

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09 September 2009, 04:36 AM
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