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09 September 2009, 07:56 AM
Hi @all,

after posting in the AREA and getting no response, I try my luck here:

I am stuck with a problem and probably someone can help me here. My problem is the correct usage of a SubAnimation. To be more precise I want to automatically scale the bones of a biped with the help of the ScaleXYZ-Controller/SubAnimation. The manual procedure is described in this very nice Tutorial, available at . As far as my reasearch is going, this is the only way to change the proportions of an already rigged Biped, without destroing the Animation in any way!(?)

So far in my PlugIn, I can iterate over a Biped and have access to the Bones in form of an INode. My first naive try, was using the NumSubs() method, which led to a crashing Max, probably because the function is not implemented for INode. In my mind is a huge gap between having the INode and assigning a SubAnimation to it. I already dug deeper in the helpFile and the ebook from Daniel Lanier, but I do not get the correct way to assign or get access to SubAnimation in general.

If someone would have an idea or hint to push me into the right direction, I would really appreaciate it and would be extremely thankful. Is there any other good literature, webpages, examples etc.?

Thanking you in appreciation,


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09 September 2009, 07:56 AM
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