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08 August 2009, 05:14 PM
Hi ,
I tried books and tutorials but with no use i also tried to keep in mind the shape of every muscle .......... how could i study anatomy ???

08 August 2009, 09:23 PM
you learn it by doing...
look at referece pictures and paint/sculpt the whole day...
it will took one or two years to get a decent skill...
and to get really good your whole life... ;)

and take a look at these websites...

09 September 2009, 02:42 AM
Thanx very much for your advice i knew that but i needed some body to tell me that to be sure and right now i try to figure out away that helps my practicing go faster becuase i believe that every thing might have a techniques to make it go faster.....
any way thank you so much.

09 September 2009, 01:28 PM
Focus on one part of the body, and work it to death, so you don't have to look in a book anymore. If you start naming off musles and bones without looking in a book you know you're learning.:)

09 September 2009, 05:35 AM
Have you thought about taking an Anatomy course at a nearby University? Anatomy is usually offered at the Freshman and/or Sophmore levels in the US. Some may have cadavers available to study, providing that your not too squeamish. As a grad student, I taught an anatomy lab in the mid nineties and by the end of the semester those students knew their anatomy!!
Grey's Anatomy is a good text. Also there are some fantastic atlases prepared by medical illustrators that you might like to use for reference. Good-luck:)

09 September 2009, 08:28 PM
I had (probably still have) the same problem and best way was to analyse all muscles of every part of the body with sheet of paper and pencil - part after part (head, hand, leg, torso, etc.). I did projections from every side of the part and colorize with the same colour muscles which repeats on these sketches. Well.. it works fine and I can use every time when I'm not sure if did sth right.

09 September 2009, 02:25 PM
Walt Stanchfield's Drawing Notes/Lessons ( Drawing notes from a famous Disney art teacher. I know, I know, Disney, right? No, this is just as practical from hyper-realistic artists as it is from animators. Absolutely essential
Figure Drawing ( - Overall structure and anatomy
Bridgman ( - Grittier look at the individual body parts and the relationships between their shapes

Study the mechanical aspect of the body so you can figure out how to move it, and how it would look moving itself and/or something else. You don't have to memorize inner layers of abdominal names or anything like that, but learn the major muscle groups and how they attach and insert to the skeleton. Bodybuilding mags (as others have suggested) are great for the above, because the have plenty of detailed photos with lighting designed to show off muscles.

Balance out the above with drawings of normal people from places like Flickr and live drawing as mentioned in the Stanchfield books and you'll be on your way. There's only one secret you need to know.

Hot, sweaty, sticky, nasty speed. Draw fast. Not slow, fast. Even if you want to do inked line drawings, you need to do the under drawing FAST. If you draw fast and it looks like crap, draw it again, just as fast. Every time you do you'll be training your brain and hands to start seeing the geometric balance between the lines that make up your forms. Think of it as speed reading, but as a training tool for speed writing (drawing).

10 October 2009, 03:46 AM
asataylor... You're the man. Thanks for the tips; much appreciated!

10 October 2009, 01:11 AM
Glad to help man. It's probably the only thing I know even halfway decently, so I might as well share it!

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