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08 August 2003, 08:46 AM
alright i've done two more. A "defence stance" and a "aggravated Stance" for lack of a better word. Still focusing on the animation. And NO this is not my model. I've gotten comments on the great model, but it's not mine. Got it off the web. Critiques!! THanks

08 August 2003, 06:48 PM
Hi Jake894!

I'm also an aspiring character animator, and I thought I'd put in a crit.

The back handspring is such a difficult move. It looks like you got the body rotation down really nicely. Good anticipation on the crouch beforehand.

I must say that the cam angle makes it difficult to critique the movement. If you had a sideview as well, it might show more. For instance, it's hard to tell how his body compresses on the brief handstand-like pose. I almost want to see just a BIT more of a pause before he launches back to standing. I know he's a ninja and fluid and whatnot, but maybe a hold of just a few more frames to compress his body would add more weight. It's also hard to see his leg movements as they whip over. Again, a sideview might help crits in the future.

I like the defensive stance. Your hold is nice with the slight bounce. When he moves into position, I see both feet moving at the same time. He'd have to have one planted for weight distribution. If he's pushing from front to back, lock down that front foot and get that back foot in place a little sooner.

The aggravated stance is the weakest of the three, in my humbled opinion. I see a bit of twinning on the legs, even though the left (his right) leg is straightening a bit. You've started a nice curve on his shoulders; maybe you should offset that even more with the hips. Again, his feet are sliding at the same time. He's gonna need to have a foot planted. This may be due to the rig you have, not sure. Does the rig have finger control? For an "acting" movement like this one, the hands can make a MAJOR impact on the mood. If you do have finger controls, try to add some movement in there... flexed to compressed during the arm cross. Let the fingers settle into place.

Hope this helps. And keep it up!

- Adam

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