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08 August 2003, 08:34 PM I visited for the first time last night, and they sem to have a lot going on, so I thought I would share it here.

They have a sort of "pitchathon," that runs under $50 including membership in the organization. Not quite as nice as getting face time with a famous name for $500, your script will have to pass muster with at least a couple of readers first (neantherdal philistines!).

Anyway, so now you know...

It might be an easier way to meet an agent than sending scripts to those listed at who accept unsolicited scripts from strangers.

Anyway, if you hunger to pitch, and it's sometimes amazing how script ideas will hit you while hammering away at ankle rigging, or after giving up, those are some options.

08 August 2003, 08:17 AM
There were maybe a couple hundred scripts handed in the last day of the event, I didn't look too closely. They combined the hand-in opportunity with a speaker, Michael Palmieri, who teaches writing seminars.

I discovered an error in my prior post: the fee charged is closer to $110 because one must be a member to submit a script for $30, and membership ran $80. OUCH, sorry about that. I met a writer submitting a stack of scripts for friends who may have had this misimpression,... since she left early, I can't find out whether she had a stack of checks with her or what. This is a non-profit group, but what can I say?

What makes this thread cool for me is that I said howdy to a lady whose husband was a CAD/CAM standards writer with NIST, and she had been to the "FADE-IN " "Hollywood Pitch Festival" Pitchathon the week before. I actually posted in a couple of CGTalk Forums trying to find someone to front me the $400ish to get to have some face time with a mogul.

She liked the experience, and said it was one of the best-run of its kind, and that she met five producers who she would be sending her thriller script, based on her pitch. She got to pitch to 12 producers, who she selected from a list, and if an empty chair appeared due to a "Do you buy any thrillers?" "No." pitch, they had a line for getting another in. Seven minutes including hello for one minute and bye for one minute. She described it as most like a deli counter with numbers.

The $10 admission sure paid for itself, huh?

I asked if I should stand up and ask if there were any agents in the room, and she said no, please don't.

Scriptwriters network does its readings in April, August and December, in case you want to try this. The $10 meetings are described at their website. One which may appeal to animators will be "Shrek" writers, coming up in a couple of weeks.

The $110 script submission through Scriptwritersnetwork gets one "coverage" but no face-time. I don't think I've ever had coverage except for one bad script I'd rather forget. I guess you get what you pay for. A competing forum offered by Eva Peel at is $110, offering four one-on-one pitches. Funny how that works. The next Writewayin session comes October 16th.

Scaling back from four five minute visits, the website also mentions "Story search" which is $35 to pitch your logline and synopsis by mail. Both Scriptwritersnetwork and EvaPeel have selection committees who have to give the project the nod before sending it ahead to production companies or agents.

Michael Palmieri also seemed to think there was something to be said for being around other working writers, such as in a writer's group or class. In my experience, I try to focus on the story and the rescue and working through how my concepts of God and world intrplay, visible and seemingly real, and invisible and experimental but relevant. When somebody says "statistically,.." you pray to see them as Jesus would, you don't go there.

The relevance or irrelevance of the "Pitchathon" approach I cannot speak to. So far, I've gotten my $10 worth.

If you have some insights for bringing one's light forward, MIFED articles, emailing the animation studio's, contacting investors directly -- feel free to post a reply. Again, I apologize for having the numbers wrong, though it's nice to read that if one cannot afford a jar, one can buy a single pickle.

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