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05 May 2002, 11:59 PM
2 days ago, when working on some animation dialogue, I opened a .max file from which the (seperate .wav) audio tracks had been deleted. I got a simple error message (max can't find the audio), but when I tried to select an other .wav audio file, there was something wrong.
Instead of the normal .wav .avi .wma .mov filetype selection, MAX suddenly showed silly ascii signs (.%# for example) and I could no longer select audio.
When I try to open a file which already has audio linked to it, I get an error message from max (can't load the audio/no sound)

Aside from this audio problem, I can suddenly render to .avi no longer (MCI driver error)

The same thing happens when I try to open a video or audio file in Adobe Premiere.
The file won't play.
When I try to start it I get the following message.

"MCI error. Unable to open the AVI MCI driver. Too many drivers loaded."

Scrolling through the .avi is not a problem, and editing on the timeline is also no problem.
It only shows the error when I doubleclick/play a .avi directly.
But since placing in/out points is usualy done this way, I'm realy limited in editing video at the moment.

If I play an .avi in Windows(98) mediaplayer, it's 100% okay (no errors)
And (from Adobe Premiere) I can render to all filetypes/compressors that I have installed.

I also haven't installed any new codecs or equiptment the last few days.

I've tried re-installing 3dsmax, but the MCI errors seem to be here to stay.

Does anyone have a problem on how to fix this (without going for a full format c: and re-installing windows) because it's one serious problem.

I'm not getting any help from the diff. helpdesks either.
The problem is in windows98 (somewhere), but I have no clue where.
My system has been running in the current configuration/instalation for a couple of months without ever having problems with codecs/avi's.

I'm curently editing a project for a client, which needs to be done by friday...needles to say, I'm getting a bit stressed.
Does anyone know how I can solve this..PLEASE?!

Jarno Cordia

05 May 2002, 01:20 PM
Welcome to the hell that is Win9x. I hate to say this, but windows 9x is so buggy and so weird when it comes to fixing bugs, your quickest solution to the problem is probably a format reinstall. If you are in a rush what I'd suggest is do the format/reinstall and just reload the prog's and files you need to complete your project. Then when it is done upgrade your OS to win2k or winXP. Workstations and servers need to be STABLE and win9x is definetly not that.

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