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05 May 2002, 10:41 PM
hi everyone,

Im considering to buy a dual Athlon XP 1900 (Zalman CNPS 5100 coolers), with the Tyan Tiger MP 2460 and a Quadro 900 XGL video card in an Enermex 350 Watt Power Supplied box, and two 512 Mb DDR ECC Registered Ram Modules. Finally, two IBM 40 Gb ATA 100/7200rpm HDs.

I need to run 3D Max without any "pain" as Im about to participate in a big 3d production.

Has anybody tested a similar configuration???
Suggestions or Alternatives ???

Thanks a lot,


05 May 2002, 12:49 AM
That sounds pretty sweet, but with the dual AMD's you're going to want at least a 400w power supply and alot of case cooling.

05 May 2002, 03:54 AM
It will be a great machine! But, use Dual Athlon MP instead XP, those XP may not work in dual.
About the cooler, I recommend a Thermalright AX-7 with a Panflo 80mm ajustable RPM fans, you can run it around 2500rpm and it will be really quiet. If your system gets hot, just increase the speed. :cool:
I agree with pinion3d, 350W would be the minimum for this machine and you know, it's never a good idea to run with the minimum specification. Go get a 400W or 460W PSU.
Just remember to get namebrand ram like Mushkin, Crucial, Kigston or Corsair.
Finally, I had some bad experience with an IBM HD and read a lot of people complaining about a sudden death of the HD, like mine did... :rolleyes: Now I'm working with a Maxtor D740x HD and it's great! :thumbsup:
Well, I also rather an ASUS A7M266-D instead Tyan, but this is my personal opinion... :p
Also don't forget a big case with some fans to cool down your system. :cool:

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