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08 August 2009, 05:02 AM
Firstly, I've tried to look and search both cgtalk an zbrushcentral and I was able to find one person to post the same problem i'm asking, but the post was not resolved (about a year ago). If I did miss a post that would help by all means please let me know.

So i'm trying to create a blendshape for a character with his left arm up.

I export an L_arm_up.obj and import it into zbrush.
I proceed to scuplt as necessary, mostly to clean up the mesh and secondly, to get the details in
I subdivide up to lvl5
Once i'm happy with my sculpt, I go back to lvl1 on my base mesh and export that as L_arm_up_fix.
Back inside maya, I have my L_arm_up obj already in the scene.
I import L_arm_up_fix and the changes that I made are there.

The two objs are right on top of each other worlspace 0, 0, 0

The problem is the rest of the body which I did not touch (the eyes, the legs, parts of the torso) have had their verts move oh so very slightly. So slight that you have to really zoom in to see the difference but there definitely is a difference.

Just as a test I used the L_arm_up_fix as a blendshape and going from 0 to 1 not only is the left arm rising, but the rest of the verts on the body are moving. So sadly, I cannot use the sculpt I just created since it is now affecting the whole body and not just the parts I sculpted

I have confirmed that Zbrush does indeed change the lvl1 mesh once you start dividing it.

I created a polySphere just a default sphere, export an ball.obj
import ball.obj and without doing anything except divide (I went up to lvl5)
go back to lvl1, export and call it ball_test.obj
import ball_test.obj and ball.obj in a new scene and you can clearly tell the difference between the two.

I assume I must be missing a step or I've got something wrong with my workflow.

As a side note, I've tried the same workflow using a trial version of mudbox 2010 and in mudbox/maya workflow I don't get the same problem. The verts stay where they are. It is an alternative, an expensive alternative, I'd rather not drop another 1000 bucks, actually I CANT afford to drop another 1000 on another program.

I've searched and read through a ton of blendshape questions and I expected to have 10 different threads with some answers, but to my surprise could only find one and that one was unresolved.

Have you ever run into the same problem, how'd you get around it?

What is your zbrush to maya workflow when it comes to creating usable blendshapes.

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08 August 2009, 05:02 AM
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