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Dean Avanti
05 May 2002, 10:29 PM
Altered State is a new video game that will utilize ut2003 technology
featuring over 2000 new textures and 45 maps of combined single player mission oriented and multiplayer design
this is a complete stand alone game rather than a modification or conversion of an existing game
and is a project I hope can be a commercial game

Altered State is a project I have been working on for 3 years and is very much in the later stages of development
I am now looking for other people who would like to work on finalizing the game ,the positions that are available
are moddelers ,who would be working on the game models and also working on the games prefabs / decorations
and also skilled coders who have the necessary skills to develop a working title .
these are the positions required but if feel you have something special to add to the project outside of these positions
then don't be afraid to contact , though it is true that the other design areas have been mostly finished if you feel
you have something interesting the game may be stretched to accommodate you.
here are some statistics of the game progress music 100%/ textures 95%/ sounds 95%/ maps 90%/ models 5%/ code 0%

I would like to stress that this is a game in its later stages of development and that those joining the project
would not be wasting there work on a game that consists mainly of an idea and little to no actual content
and then pimps for people to make them a game ,which I am well aware of exist in the community ,yes I have been suckered
by those projects also . which is why I have worked on this game for so long to bring the game to a fully established position
as a viable project.
though I do intend this to be a commercial project I cannot offer payment until a publisher is found , when I get paid you
get paid , if you catch my drift so I guess you should treat it as a total conversion till the game gets interested publishers.

If you are a person like me who thought that the gap was shortening between mods / TC and 'professional' games and thought
hey I could bridge that gap then please contact me at the following address

regards Dean Avanti project leader Altered State . - Avanti Vita Studios

Dean Avanti
05 May 2002, 11:56 PM
my web page is located here

05 May 2002, 06:43 AM
Screens look awesome, what type of commitment are you looking for? Are you in need of characters? In other words would you accept someone that only has time to do one character?

05 May 2002, 08:59 AM
wut is the poly count for player characters? any designs done or u looking for concept art also? wut is the time frame your looking for each charcters completetion? the screens look good, the web page looks good. i will be all about helping u out and get the chance to get my name in the credits (and maybe royalties, hehe)

Dean Avanti
05 May 2002, 08:01 PM
poly counts .in mods i have worked on in the past polys for a character were around a 1000 or so .the new unreal tech claims some very high polys indeed .i would have to check exactly .though i feel it may be best to use a little under the number UT2003 claim

yes i am in need of character models .there is some concept work .though i belive in giving modelers a little freedom in this area .for time purposes than slaving exactly to a concept design .
time .fast as possible is best .the slower the modeler the more designers need to be found .what is most important is that a useable working model can be made and imported into the game .
people vary i have worked with people that can have a full character in a week /boned animated and skinned then i have seen outhers take a whole 4 weeks

on royalties .there will not be a payment in royalties .payment will be for work done . more work more money less work less money .
that is when a publisher is found.
royalties would of been an idea if the game was just an idea ,but this is in its closing stages .

on the web page was good -thanks for being generous .the web design is very bad ,i have 2 web designers i am looking into now .it will be much better.content was also held back, i am holding back the map shots of the more complicated geometry as i wanted to have the better content to be released when the maps can be shown with their prefabs and player models at a later date to attract more attention to the project. i want to leave some content so it can be released in stages as interest grows from the public.

you could do 1 model ,but im sure when the project unfolds a modeler would like to add more looking for comited members but yes it could be possible for just 1 model ,if the modeler had the right skills.

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