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08 August 2009, 02:13 AM
cmiVFX Launches ZBrush Artist In Focus Series (Beyond Digital Sculpting)
Watch High Definition Training Videos For The Visual Effects Industry Instantly From Anywhere In The World.

Fort Lauderdale, FL., August 17th, 2009 ó cmiVFX | cmiStudios launches a brand new video for Advanced Digital Scuplting. This new video is a part of a new style of training that will allow viewers to learn more then just software and clicking buttons. In the Artist In Focus Series, artists from all over the world will be sharing their knowledge and achievements in a very exciting way. Sharing their techniques and workflows that evolved trough time and production experiences.cmiVFX is concerned on bringing real life projects for real artists. Understanding how these great artists create their art is what makes this series so precious.
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Product Announcements ó ZBrush "Beyond Digital Sculpting"
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Beyond Digital Sculpting
This video will talk through the process of creating a high-detailed character model in ZBrush. We will have a look at how to adjust the ZBrush interface, how to work with brushes and how to adjust them. You will learn some useful tricks about how to use reference material and how to focus on the main shapes of the figure.

Brushing it!
Using six different types of brushes: the standard brush for adjustments on a low and medium mesh resolution level, the clay brush for adding mass or material to the model, the move brush for moving parts of the model, the flatten brush for flattening out certain areas, the pinch brush for sharpening folds, creases and wrinkles and of course the smooth brush for creating a smooth surface. An important aspect is that you can change the brush behavior by tweaking the brush curve, the Z intensity, the alpha and last but not least, the brush mode.

In this section the user will learn how to use Poly-groups properly as an art of its own. Understanding the principles of them and how to use them to speed up detailing. General sculpting will be the difference from a "Great" model and a "Just Ok" model.

Preserving Core Details
Smoothing out your model preserving the details you recently added is a powerful method of high resolution object creation. Learn some interesting sculpting techniques to preserve details and characterize your model to be presented. Production proven workflow techniques have been applied in a totally intuitive way to make sure all details are preserved.

Curls, Beard and Pores!
Learning how to use ZBrush layers to unleash powerful detailing techniques. While witnessing this outstanding workflow you will learn how to use this tool in your favor to enrich your models.

Since the beginning of time, artists struggle with creating Hands and feet! No doubt it is one of the most detailed areas of the human body. We will have a look on how to create hands with ZBrush intuitively. You will see that you donít need many polygons and special edge-flows to get the nails right.

Finding the right workflow when modeling body parts is the best thing that can happen to an artist. Revealed in this section, a proven workflow to achieve great quality with feet modeling. These techniques will be a staple for all of your models to come.

Conceptualizing shoes is an exciting and challenging task. Sculpting a concept of a shoe directly in ZBrush is not only possible but completely rewarding specially if you are not sure yet what style fits best to your character. Use this shoe design instruction with characters or product design for advertising. We begin our models from the very start so that you don't miss a minute of action.

Creating believable clothing can be one of the final tasks for an artist to figure out. The shapes can sometimes stray from the contours of its host. learn how to interpret that natural collection of folds and creases to help sell the look of your model.

About Benjamin Leitgeb:
Benjamin Leitgeb is a young Italian 3D-artist and digital sculptor who is working as a freelancer for a few years. He is specialized in high-poly modeling and sculpting of human characters. He discovered his interest in computer graphics as a teenager and never stopped producing CG art since then. He constantly try to improve my skills and workflow. For Benjamin, making drawings, paintings and sculptures is a simple and direct process of giving emotions form.

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08 August 2009, 03:55 PM
Looks like very interesting tutorial.

I have a few questions:

- Is this a downloadable tutorial, or some sort of online-viewing-only video?

- What is the running time of the video? I see that there is quite many chapters but I didn't find any information about length of the video.


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