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08 August 2003, 03:04 AM
Wow !

Armatures very cool feature . So simple to apply too!

Can hardly wait for Rev 9 and Studio 1.5. :)


"Here's some links to two videos about messiah:animate4/messiah:studio1.5's
new Armatures feature. The first video gives a glimpse of what they are,
and the second one gives a glimpse at setting them up. Keep in mind that
these barely scratch the surface of what Armatures are capable of-- it would
be like explaining Expressions by showing how you can rotate one object by
moving another object up and down, obviously Expressions are much more
powerful than that, and Armatures are more powerful than what's shown here.

IMPORTANT: Download the videos and watch them locally, don't attempt to
stream them. And the "quality rating" I give for each one below is for
image and sound, not file size.

Part 1 - Introducing "Armatures" (3:20)
(Real Player - Best, 3mb, 480x360)
(Windows Media 9 - Very good, 4mb, 480x360)
(DivX - Good, 5mb, 320x240)
(MPEG - Not too good, 8.6mb, 320x240)
(Quicktime/MPEG4 - Eh, 4.7mb, 320x240)

Part 2 - How to... (5:09)
(Real Player - Best, 3.9mb, 480x360)
(Windows Media 9 - Very good, 7.7mb, 480x360)
(DivX - Good, 8mb, 480x360)
(MPEG - Not too good, 14mb, 320x240)
(Quicktime/MPEG4 - Eh, 7.3mb, 320x240)



08 August 2003, 08:39 AM
Thanks for posting the videos, Fred. Looks cool.

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